Black Rock Shooter – ブラック★ロックシュータ

heey guuys :3 We’re finally back from our big Hiatus . I’m soo sorry T__T but I promise. we’ll post more stuff in the next time 😀 😀 okay first of all I wanna review an OVA I watched some time ago with my random friend .. it’s called black rock shooter.. It’s related to Vocaloid’s Miku Hatsune (Die !!-.-) because there’s one song called Black rock shooter and I think it tells the story of the Ova but I’m not sure ;P

Okay basically, The Ova is about two girls, Mato & yomi, who are in the same High school and quickly become good friends ..Because one of the girls (mato) is in the basketball club, the other girl(yomi) joins the volleyball club, which is at the same time .. but soon, the one girl forgets about the other and just hangs around with her basketball club.. So yomi gets missing and mato gets depressed..

Lol I won’t tell you more, you’ll have to watch it yourself .. I actually liked this ova a lot.. even if i was like “WUUUUUT ? O_O” in the first 20 minutes .. but I finally began to understand .. 😀 i really liked the style and everything .. the only thing I dun like is .. MIKU . -.- I really don’t know what’s soo special about a lame synthesizer voice ? .. whatever .. here’s also the black rock shooter song .. by a real person … who’s got REAL talent xD



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