Koi, Hirari

hey hey guys 😀 I finally have some time to do reviews…


The food loving and pure-hearted Sumire Misaki’s family is moving to the same town where her mother and father met and fell in love. Sumire’s mother tells her that it’s a town where she’ll fall in love, and it she meets her first love in a very unexpected way: the good-looking Kaduki Miyamoto, as he tries to escape from his home. Through an unfortunate set of events, the wheels of fate have begun to turn for Sumire, as Kaduki is more than he appears to be. In fact, he’s a traditional dancer! Will Sumire’s first love be a happy one?

(sorry guys I  copied it 😉

What the hell do I think about it…

The art work is really awesome!!! As usual I immediatly fell in love with this boy…. He’s soooo … Well, then the story was too short for me… (only 12 chapters XD)… I think she could have made much more. Of course, there are some characters which are making me mad T_T… For example let’s start with this stupid brother… Don’t try to hurt your brother again or I’m coming and then I’m going to kick your ass… Then there is this annoying girl… She’s just annoying XDDDD WEll, guys I’m giving you just one advice… READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Koi, Hirari (you can read all chapters there)


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