Amai Akumo No Memai & Bijin Garasu

hey guys :O I’m gonna post 2 oneshots this time because I am sooo sorry that we had such a big hiatus T__T soo I’ll begin with the first One shot:

Amai Akumo No Memai

Because of her parents’ circumstances, she’s living in a boarding house! And in that house…
There’s ghost of a handsome guy?!!


Well, It has been a long time since i’ve read any manga but this was a quite good beginning . ^_^ when I first looked at the picture i was like : O_O is that Momo ? xD lol . but it wasn’t 😀 😀 . it’s a very cute story with a VERY handsome guy >_< it was also funny and the drawings are pretty awesome ^.^ I’ll look for another manga of this mangaka because I really liked this one ^____^

Bijin Garasu

Maki worked very hard to become very pretty because once, someone dumpedher because she was ugly .. so she wants revenge .. now everyone wants to go out with her because she’s so pretty . except of one . he says that she’s ugly inside . !!


well. doesn’t that kinda remind you of Bijin Kakumei & Romantic Beauty ?  xD . well I think so… I actually hated Romantic beauty it was sooo bad xD the worst one shot I ever read 😛 but I like this one cause it’s very cute and the drawings are also good 😀 😀 I like the guy cause he really tells her the truth : she’s ugly inside ^_^I didn’t like the girl very much . even if she SHOULD  kick this guy’s ass .. but i still don’t like her xD because of this I still like Bijin Kakumei the most outta these 3 stories 😀


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