Koi Suta

Sorry guys, I was so ill  and couldn’t even do someting… But now I have finally time to review something


Shizuku has a unrequited love for Ichinomiya-sensei. But since the sensei is her sister’s boyfriend, it’s a love that definitely won’t come true… She’s trying hard to quickly find a new love and this damn hot boy named Sora is teasing her!!!

My Opinion

Oh my gosh I was so happy when I found the final chapter ^^… At first I thought it’s going to be one of this typical shoujo’s but after reading some chapters I really began to like it ^^. The scenario was just perfect :D. Both main characters are hearbroken and then finally they started to go out with each other (which was really predictable)!!!! The problems they have to deal with wanted me to kill some characters -.-… (BTW it was a girl! She was so annoying -.-, but I think without her I wouldn’t have searched so long for the final chapter!!!!!!!



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