Hey guys 😀 😀 It’s Kayu-chan and B-chan 😀 😀

We’re sitting in school and it’s soo BOOOOOOOOOOOOORING!!!!

How r u guys doin’ ?? I hope ure fine and since our big Hiatus is finally OVER ..well. our report will be .. yeaah *no comment* but at least we made this class xxD we can be really happy that we don’t have any F in our report . XP so well .. it’s sooo freaking boring so we’re gonna post some random stuff, like we always did when we still had a life once — xDD

well, then XD did you see the post yesterday on allkpop -.-…

Yeah, where should I start -.- -.-… How can people post such an articel T_T… I mean they don’t have the right to say who is the worst actor… and I’m not saying this because I like those people… It’s just cruel to post something like that… I mean those people are really working hard and the only thing they can do is to post such an article… So why don’t you shut up ARIRANG… and go away with your shit TV shows -.- -.-…. You piss me off… With your boring TV-shows and this stupid cow who can’t speak english… Before you make such a list make a list of your horrible actions -.- -.-…

Now there’s my opinion .. I mean . what the hell ?? what gives them the right to do such a thing ? I mean it’s okay to rate the best actors .. but the worst ? There was such a stupid comment on allkpop “if you’re an idol it will make you try harder” – are you serious ?? That’s completely nonsense if you ask me cause it would DEFINITELY not cheer you up .. imagine you’re one of those idols .. you’d be hurt if you see on a TV series that you’re one “horrible” actor.. it’s sooo freaking harsh & rude . And shut up with ur “uuuh you’re so biased ..” cause even if I wouldn’t be Leader-biased .. I’d think it’s not okay.. and Leader is a good actor … He works so hard to be a good actor and those people don’t even know what hard work is -.-.-.-.-.-.-. and also Goo hara, suzy, and the other guys are hard working .. seriously -_- !!!!!!!!! oh and don’t try to share your opinion with allkpop cause you immediately get bashed when you bring yours own comment ..-_-


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