[kpop] Him Hyun Joong – Break Down

hey hey . i’m here to post something about Kim Hyun Joongs new mini album “Break down” . 😀 😀 I made a lot of pictures and I wanna share them with u 😀 😀

soo Here we have the front cover . isn’t it awesome 😀 😀 ?


The album includes a cool photobook . and here you can see the cd .. damn cool, huh ?

The photobook includes a lot of cool pictures of our handsome leader … >___< *makes two special people jealous .. they know it* xD xD I especially love all those pictures. cause he’s soo cool & handsome .. but to be honest .. I miss the old cute Kim hyun Joong :///

Kekeke . sorry . I was only able to do the photo like this .. but I hope you like it : D:D that’s the back of the cd with the tracklist ..   😀 😀

and about the music : I really liked all of the songs . but I personally liked Please the most and i’m a little dissapointed that he took Break down as his song for the MuBank Performances .. 😦 but whatever .. I hope one special person will faint because of a nosebleed and be more jealous .. xD xD xD


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