Private Prince

I just completed reading that manga and I wanted to review about it  😉


Sakuragawa Miyako is a graduate student at Eito University. She is working on a thesis about the Queen Ritsuko and fortunatelly the prince of Estoria is studying abroad in Japan at Eito University. So she gets close to him to collect information but his condition for giving her information is that Miyako has to fall in love with him!

What I think about it

I read it because I needed a new smut manga but shhhht~ 😀 :D… Well, my first impression of “Private Prince” was… “The guy is pissing me off… T_T”. But the story’s development is really nice and cute. I think the ending was just perfect. The author couldn’t have make it better!!!! It was so dramatically and it did really attach me :O… The artwork is normally not my type but in the end I liked it 😀 :D… I would recommend it!!!! (I mean it was  released in my country so it has to be good 😉


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