MY THANK YOU TO B-chan and Mangafanatic XD and the Continuing Story

hey hey guys 😀 first of all I would like to thank  B-chan and Mangafanatic 😀 :DDDDD I was really touched when I saw what you’ve done for me  I LOVE YOU GUYS <33333333333

Ok, well, then let’s start… XDDDDDDDDDD:

After everyone of SS501 performed, I had to make a decision whom I’m going to choose but that wasn’t really easy… I mean five hot guys … I went out to cool my head and went to Dunkin Donuts to buy something to drink (“I Drink Dunkin”, you know that’s from that stupid advertisment XDDDD). In the shop I saw him *___________*, my old childhoodfriend and he saw me XDDDDDDD. Well, I’m not going to tell details XD after that I eloped with him XDDDDD BTW that’s him XD isn’t he hot XD XD XD XD  

Then I called B-chan and told her that I would never turn up again and that I feel sorry…  When SS501 found out that I would never come back… How should I say… It was like the god of Chaos appeared (refering to Dissidia Duodecim XD XD). B-chan and Mangafanatic had to take care of them (I think it didn’t bother them :DDDD). After ten hours grieving SS501 was hungry, so B-chan and Mangafanatic took them to an expensive Thai Restaurant (it was B-chan’s idea because of Jung Minnie..). Leader was eating like a pork. Kyu Jong and Baby Jun… indescribable. Young Saeng was eating in a normal way and Jun Minnie gained 5 Kilogramm after one bite XD.

In the restaurant B-chan went to the restroom and on her way back to SS501 and Mangafanatic, she suddenly stopped and fell in love at first sight. Well, she never returned to SS501 again… I think you want to know with whom she fell in love with XD XD XD IT WAS TWITTER CHIEF EVAN WILLIAMS…

Mangafanatic was left alone with SS501 (but there’s no way that she’s been bothered by that fact XDDDDD)…

Well, I eloped with my hot childhoodfriend XD. We married in Hawai and returned to Korea. B-chan became the new lover of twitter chief Evan Williams xD. Mangafanatic become five boyfriends on one day XD but after some months, SS501 wanted her to make a choice . She had to choose whom she is going to take as  her  boyfriend. She wasn’t able to do that, so she ran way XD… but SS501 was able to catch her xD so they continued this one girl- five boys relationship XD



One thought on “MY THANK YOU TO B-chan and Mangafanatic XD and the Continuing Story

    me likes it a lot
    i was like Kyaaaah aight me and the 5 boys *smirk* xD love it sooo much!!!!!!!

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