Hey guys.. it’s 1 am in the morning here .. *yawns* and i’m tryin to kill the boredom .. so im listening to some songs sung by the eldest j rocker in the world.. xDD

This one is setsugekka – end of silence =P

Never liked Gackt . but these songs are so .. good . xD

Oh yeah btw . my random friend helps me out today .. and She wants to tell u something xD :”Gackt is personificated sex” . yeah great. now we’ll get weird search terms xD.. we already do . whatever xDDD

My mission is to turn you into a Jungminniac.. xDbut . I’m way to tired to look for smth great xDDD so i’m gonna show you stuff while we’re chatting . but i know . i’ll make it . cuz you already liked the pictures I showed you at the school festival . remember ? XDDD well whatever . Thanks to our random friend (S-sama now here’s herĀ  name finally xDD) who helped me with this .. wonderful post xD




2 thoughts on “Random

  1. he is so gaddamn hot xDD i cant stand that.. :O whenever u need help just ask me xD im going to join ur staff.. without asking XD but first i ll turn u into a gakkun fangirlie ;D

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