Aoi Kiseki

hey hey guys  … I’m so bored . So I’m making a review :DDDDD


Wakatsuki Ran is a swimming prodigy. Every girl adores him but the only thing he loves is swimming (oh man, he’s so adorable ).
Ageha bumps into Ran, one day, and she tells him that he is just an obsessed swimmer. But when he shows her how good he is, she gapes at him and asks, “Please teach me how to swim!”
Ran finally agrees and the swimming romance begins.


That guy is such a bishounen … Well, about the art work, it’s one of the types that are really impressive :D… It remembers me a lot of the art work of Arina Tanemura and Kanan Minami. The story is so typical for a love story!!! The sad and funny moments are making the story really attractive :)… There is one incident in this manga that is really heart breaking… I don’t want to put spoilers into my review so I think if you should read it by yourself, then you’ll know which incident I mean…


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