Top 10 Perverted dance moves ;D

Hello guys . (; Hope ur all good xD Today, there will be a special post, and let’s say hi to Mangafanatic once again, who i discussed this post with long time ago and now we’re finally doing it . xDD Since we’re both totally into Kpop, we know many different Music videos, including dances.. and we noticed .. that there are a looooot of perverts out there xDD so we decided to put all this into one Blog post.. so let me introduce . *dum dum duuum*

The Top 10 Perverted Kpop dance moves

Number 10

Kara – Mister

B-chan: See the beginning ? kinda pervy dont u think ? xDD
mangafanatic: yeah VERY perverted! *smirk xDDDD*

Number 9

5Dolls – Like this Or that

B-chan: I dunno why . but look at 0:52.. The moves seems to be pervy . XD but not only the move.. but everything about the vid seems pervy to me.. dunno why . xD mabye i’m just crzay xDD

Mangafanatic: O.o no comment, B-chan…

Number 8

Kim Hyun Joong – Please be nice to me

B-chan: You see the part where this woman is grabbing his leg ?? xD e_e perv.. !!

Mangafanatic: when i was watching my DVD (yes i’ve got the Concert DVD *smirk*) i was like: “you woman, don’t TOUCH my HUBBY!!!!” but this vid is not the japanese version, it’s the korean version

Number 7

2pm – I’ll be back

Mangafanatic: ok since i’m the one that suggested this one xDDD in the vid, go to 0: 28 see?

Ok Taecyeon rraawr you leg fettish person *smirk*

Number 6

2pm – I’ll be back

Mangafanatic: ok since i’m the one that suggested this one xDDD in the vid, go to 0: 17 see?

OK TAECYEON! you again! where are you touching O.o one butt is not enough, but 2?! ChangSung and Nickhun be prepared, cos he’s a BEAST!

Number 5

SS501 – A song calling for you

B-chan: aah, our boys.. xDD the pervy thing bout this dance is when they’re clapping their butts.. xD but its .. nice . XDD

Mangafanatic: clap clap clap!!! we want more, we want more xDDDD

Number 4

Brown eyed girls – Abracadabra

Mangafanatic: PERVERTED dance, you know in the end xDDD i tell you, PERVERTED!

B-chan: well, since the whole vid is perverted.. xDD but this one move is kinda.. veeery pervy xDD

Number 3

MBLAQ – Mona lisa

Mangafanatic: MBLAQ i never thought you guys would do this in public xDDDD

B-chan: Well. in the beginning, they’re all touching their thing . so yeah.. what else should I say.. they are perverts xDD

Number 2

SS501 – Love ya

B-chan: Well, our boys are such perverts xDD Love ya has on special pervy move in it.. and so we both agreed that it should be on second place xD

Mangafanatic: well B-chan i think we’ve fallen for their Pervertedness xDDDD

and … number one . *dum dum duum*

Kim Hyun Joong – Break Down

Mangafanatic: DUM DUM DUUUUUUUUM! KHJ, you know why i’ve fallen for you *smirk*? cos of your Killer Smile *bloodloss*, Exagerating, Giraffe Hat and most of them your PERVERTEDNESSS~~~~ i’ll meet you later in my dreams <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

B-chan: lmao.. xDD You’re such a freakin fangirly you know that ? XDD so . about the vid. : Leader, leader tztzztt .. XD You’re soooo damn perverted.. never knew that you were like that, I knew that all 5 were pervies.. but not that you are the most pervy perv xD Btw. You’re sexy as hell *tries to steal him from mangafanatic* xDD

Mangafanatic: i know i’m a CRZAY FANGIRL xDDDD omg B-chan you STAY AWAY FROM MY HUBBY or i’ll STEAL PJM *smirk* it was my crush once  *hohoho*

P.S. we love these artists, this is only for fun! but if there are complains you can contact B-chan or Kayu-chan and not Mangafanatic, since she’s only a CAMEO here :p

signed Mangafanatic xDDD

haha . xD that was our special post and i hope u guys liked it ;DD . well.. btw. you can also blame Mangafanatic.. you dont know how pervy she is xDD when i told her bout my idea she immediately agreed .. PERV XDD.

Bye bye

B.chan :3


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Perverted dance moves ;D

  1. pirates of the caribbean meets Kpop XDXD
    I think number 4 was really pervy… and number 10 and 9 too… for the rest… I don´t really know… I think we´re all kinda used to it… not just in some kpop-vids… you know what I mean… but it can, in some way, disturb the song or distract some viewers…. do you have a list of your favorite songs or vids? or does that change day by day???? XD
    bye bye
    your spamer XD

  2. muhahahahahaha
    here we go once again
    guess who’s back, let’s go
    this one is all about you
    i will hate you, but i love you
    so what can i do?
    now listen!

    well you’re the master brain after this post so you’re more pervy than i am xDDDDD tsssss Carrot xDDD

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