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Hey Guys.. =)) Time for a game review… =P well not really review cuz i just started..

so here it is xD

Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel

Okay im reeeally too lazy to tell u bout the plot, just surpise urselves but what i can show to you is the freaking amazing opening by Akiko Shikata  . i love this woman xDD

soo what do i think about this game ?

Well this game is actually very nice, I like the story (At least it has one, not like atelier rorona, sorry xDD) I like the characters, especially Tatsumi, bcuz there seems to be a weird secret about him which i didnt found out about yet xD he has a freaking hot english voice btw xDD I also love this one girl, her name is saki.. shes a little weird but at least shes not such an annoying crybaby like Finnel .. I cant stand this girl.. only in battle xD oooh and the game is kinda… well i’ll come to this when i talk about the Battle system xD

The Battle System ?

The battle system is veery nice .. its a star ocean-like battle system combined with smth which has to do with music and the reyvateil (please dont ask me xD just play the game xD) .. the weirdest thing is .. the game is appropriate for 12-year olds.. but HELL.. this game is like sooo perverted.xD It would be something for Mangafanatic .. *smirks* .. you know .. the most important thing is, that you have to strip the reyvateils .. the more skin they show, the stronger they are O_O .. and all in all.. the game itself is veeeeeery pervy .. so mangafanatic ? if u read this . ? its for a lil perv like u xDD

Sooo .. I would really reccomend you to play this if you ..

  1. Have A PS3 and you dunno what to play cuz there are not so many good games
  2. Love anime graphics
  3. Loved atelier rorona and the mana khemia stuff
  4. are … pervs xD or dont have anything against pervy stuff xD

This was my post.. hope ur gonna like it ~ =D


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