Watch out …. There’s someone behind you … XD

hey hoo . 😀 I recently watched a k-horror movie i really enjoyed and now I wanna introduce it to you . =) Sorry cuz im too lazy to write the plot myself, but at least im gonna give my own opinion =P

Someone behind you


  • Yoon Jin-Seo
  • Lee Ki-Woo
  • Park Gi-woong


Ga-in, a smart, pretty girl who is loved by everyone, witnesses the deaths of people around her. She is then singled out as the next in line to die from the curse that has one person in each generation die at the hands of two people close to them. Ga-in searched for the truth about the curse with Suk-min, a boy who always lingers around her, and her boyfriend Heon-joong, but attacks on her life by those dearest to her, like her best friend and her mother, never cease…

What do I think ?

YUM .. xD I reeeeeally liked this movie .. it was the first korean movie i saw dubbed in my own language.. which was kinda weird .. but i really liked it though . Even though it wasn’t really a real horror movie cuz there were not so many shock.. it had more mystery in it .. and it had a story.. not like many other horror movies . xD yeeeah . the actors did a great job and I liked the girl .. cuz she kinda looked like a female version of  SS501′s precious Leader Kim Hyun Joong XD yeeeah . I hated the boyfriend . cuz he was reeeally stupid but better watch the movie or you won’t understand.. xD And I REALLY liked this mysterious boy.. he was kinda the bad guy but he was sexy like that with his evil smile .. *heheheh* xD but unfortunately, he looks weird in reality xD .So all in all id reccomend this movie to you, cuz it has a little bit of horror, mystery .. and .. nice guys ? XDDD

oh wait .. here’s the trailer =D


4 thoughts on “Watch out …. There’s someone behind you … XD

  1. OMG i got scared when i watched the trailer O_O
    the name of the movie is some one behind u right?? COOL name hehe
    i think i’ll watch it if i find the arabic sub ^^

    haha the girl she rly looks like hyunjoong?? hehe ^^

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