Random Stuff about my chat bestie . xD

Tz tz tz Hey hey hey guys . Since Mrs Kim Aka Mangafanatic did a random post about me .. i’m doin the same for her .. you know . since i started here she got my chat bestie . she’s awesome .xD but she always leaves me for taking a KHJ or smth like that xD or for paris .. tztz T__T well here it comes .. random facts  xD

  • Her Name is Mrs Kim.. Cuz her hubbies are KIM hyun joong and KIM Hyung Jun
  • Two other nicknames for her : Dog, Shortie (XDDD)
  • We both share Heo Young saeng as our hubby . xD
  • Oh yeah, this girl is a true and proud Triple s, since we got to know each other, I infected her with the 501 virus more than she already was ..
  • She gets emotional when i am emotional xDD
  • She Likes the manga called “Oborero bla bla bla” =P
  • She thinks she’s ugly but she isn’t x3
  • She laughs at me cuz she thinks i love a GIRL . xD
  • We always talk about perverted thinks . so we also created the “Top 10 pervy dance moves” post xD
  • Her German is freaking cute .. >___<
  • uuhm . she is CRZAAAY xD
  • She likes to take KHJ’s . ;; xD


I think that’s it ? ;D hope you have fun readin it ?XD


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