Sugar Soldier Chapter 1 RAW ! =D

Guuys . The first chapter of Mayu-sensei’s new manga has been revealed.. and I searched it for you ^___^

here you can read it .. thanks so much to the nice uploader for sharing the Raws with us .. =)

Soo . what do u personally think about the Chapter ? =)


4 thoughts on “Sugar Soldier Chapter 1 RAW ! =D

  1. (sorry, aber diesmal auf deutsch:)
    ey, warum hast du nicht gesagt, dass das ´ne koreanische seite ist? mein PC wär beinahe abgestürtzt! it´s your fault that my comp almost broke down….XD
    just kidding, but honestly I didn´t understand a word… just one line would help ppl like me…. just sth like “hey, guys, watch out, this is…. korean!” ????
    well, anyway.
    spam, spam aaaaaaand spam!

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