You think I’m running Out of JRPGs ?

..Then you’re wrong .. This week I finished Ar Tonelico III .. and to be honest . I had those ups and downs with the game . but now when I’m finished with it, I kinda miss it and i’m searching for a game like that .. T_T Can’t find one . but .. I’m not running out of games . cuz I started a new one again =D dum dum duum ..

White Knight Chronicles II

Plot (source Wikipedia, but edited a little by me):

Well that’s the plot of White Knight Chronicles 1

The story of White Knight Chronicles begins in the kingdom of Balandor, where the young princess Cisna is having a coming-of-age banquet which is raided by an evil organization called Magi. A boy called Leonard (He’s basically the main character) saves the princess  leads her to safety in the castle cellars, where he finds a strange suit of armor that transforms him into the White Knight—an ancient warrior with the strength to defeat the Magi forces. This marks the beginning of a life-changing fantasy experience, fighting against the fiercest enemies.

The first Part of White Knight Chronicles was full of adventures, and 1 year after the end of White Knight Chronicles 1, Leonard goes on a new journey with more exciting stuff (which I won’t tell u cuz I don’t know myself xD)

Main Characters:

Your avatar .. You can create him by yourself .. You can choose if its male or female . I heard in the second game the Avatar has a bigger role that he had in the first one .. I basically don’t care about the avatar . I never use him . =P He is kinda useless

Leonard 😀

He IS the main character in the game . he’s the guy who uses The white Knight and it’s all about him . so yeah . He’s a nice guy but maybe he’s sometimes too nice ? He cares too much for his precious Cisna but doesn’t see other ppl worrying about him ?? =P But he’s stron and cool ^^

Cisna (The princess)

One word : ANNOYING -.-




She’s a cute girl, not annoying and she cares a lot for Leonard, but he doesn’t see it =( whithout her he would be dead in a minute out in the world xD She’s a strong character and likes to make friends . But I hope she doesn’t like Cisna xDDD (*yaay . Girlfight * xDDD)

Miu ?

She’s new here.. I don’t know her that much but she is cute .. isn’t she ? =PP



aand there are also some other characters . I’m too lazy to show them to you xDDD

Well I’m very glad there is a WKC 2 . They improved many things .. Like my party members are finally intelligent enough to heal me when they see that i’m nearly dead. Or the same with reviving ;D You start the game with level 35 and about 27 000 G . thats kinda awesome cuz the things are very expensive.. One thing didn’t improve at all . its small but annoying . You need a LOT of time to save your game .. at first its fast from 0-80% and then it takes about 1-2 minutes til its finished . annoying . but I really like the game all in all ^^


3 thoughts on “You think I’m running Out of JRPGs ?

  1. oh no…. I know the problems with the long saving-time… sometimes it feels like ages…. this game looks really cool!
    I miss some things in your little report (cause I wanted to know that things ;P):
    – game-design ?
    – voices & sound ?
    – gameplay ?
    but never mind… it´s ok…
    your spamer! 😀

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