Our … “Little” Project ?

Hello guys.. Its been a long time huh ? XD .. well there’s something REALLY important I should really post .. It has something to do with SS501’s Kim Kyu jongie..

As I posted before, He’s gonna do his Solo Debut in September ? .. and since he’s the last member to the but, my dear fellow Triple S friends Sally & Mrs Kim helped me starting this project on Twitter ..

We’re tryin to make the left days until his Debut very special, we created a special Challenge u know .. It’s an everyday-challenge … Im gonna list the challenges we already had ..

# Challenge 1: Which Hairstyle will kyu jongie have on his debut ?

#Challenge 2: The second Challenge is about to make up a story with the words : Hairstyle,fashion,pig,carrot,banana,Taiwan,SS501 . ;D (of course Kyu Jong related) (still running !!!)

#Challenge 3: Our 3rd challenge about “SS501 babies” we want 2 collect the cutest pics of our oppaSS when they were young kids ..

#Challenge 4: The 4th one was a game with two things to answer, and the winner got a Picture from Mrs Kim

#Challenge 5:  Send us a picture of our boySS, where u think they wear tge weirdest clothes xD (still running !!!)

so please follow us so we can support our lovely center for his Debut !!!



One thought on “Our … “Little” Project ?

  1. what the-?
    don´t you two have nothing else to do in your free-time…..?
    well, I guess there´s no hope XD you fan-girls are in an unstopable fan-girl-mode…XD
    I´ll send you an e-mail, looking for some nice pics with the SS501 boys^^.
    your spamer

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