Top 5 most disappointin’ manga books T_T

What are the most disappointin’ manga books you ever read? Well,  I’ll show you mine T_T!!!


Haou Airen

Actually I like the story of that manga but it’s just that girl that is pissin’ me off -.- -.-… It’s her face and her big boobs that are making me made -.- -.-… but especially she is so naive that I wanted to go inside the manga and to beat her up (I know that is impossible but I hate that girl too much -.-). If she had have an other kind of charcter I’m sure that I would have liked her…


Rosario+Vampire (First Season)

The first time I read it, I thought it has a thrilling story and the art work is so adorable… But the story was always the same -.-. He is in danger, she rescues him or he is rescuing her. After some time I was really bored and it began to be predictable. Whatever, I hope the second season is better…


Lovey Dovey

I hate that manga… The first two volumes I thought that manga is great, but after the third volume it began to piss me off… The whole story could have been much better!!! The whole story  is a good for nothing story -.-…


Magister Negi Magi Neo

The art work is so cute but wth that’s a shounen -.- and there are more girls then guys and on top what’s with that story???  They are all kids and doing some kind of magic with their teacher who looks much younger than his students????


Ai Ore!

The most disappointin’ manga I ever read was Ai Ore! What’s with this story??? The guys looks like a girl and the girl looks like a boy??? I mean the idea sounds really interesting but the character of them -.-… Especially of this selfish girl -.- -.- -.-… The whole story that girl was pissin’ me off -.-.. Even reading was making me angry that I had to stop -.- -.- -.- -.- 

Well, I’m sure that there are more disappointin’ manga books but that was my top 5!


One thought on “Top 5 most disappointin’ manga books T_T

  1. hahaXDDD yeah, magister negi magi is kinda strange… but I somehow like the story (I don´t know what the difference between negi magi and neo actually IS, but I think neo is the same way as the main story…)…
    the most disappointing manga for me was… hm, there´s much to say… the last one was “deadman wonderland”! the artwork was very cool, I like the style (like “eureka seven” I <333 the eureka seven series!), but the story… it´s theoretically good, but wth were they doing all the time? the whole manga could be over in one tankobon, but they continue with the story and it gets sooooooooo looooooong and boring!!!!
    my first big dissapointment was "alice academy"! after 8 tankobons I thought "oh man, is this all the manga-world can give me?" no entertainment at all after so many adventures… it got so boring and always repeated itself….
    and "school rumble"… after 5 tankobons, you really really don´t wanna see this stupid faces any more… I mean, at first it was a kind of funny, but after a while….. I mean, no story at all, just sketches, jokes and so on… we don´t wanna LAUGH all the time…. do we?

    resume: yeah, there are many disappointments in the manga-world. but I think the japanese fans have bigger problems with bad manga-stories, because, after all, the series in europe had already passed the "first test" = meaning if the manga is popular with the japanese teenies, it can not be that bad… but in japan, YOU, as a japanese, are reading the no-name manga, and there are many fails for sure!
    let´s ban the fails out of this world! XDDDDDD
    your spamer!

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