Guuys 😀 Time for a band introduction 😀 😀 *totally Motivated.. Too much sugar today XD* ahem ill start now, should i ? ^^

2ne1, a korean girlband from YG entertainment is also pronounced as “to anyone” or “twenty-one” (ahm.. i dint know that in the first place.. i pronounced them as “two ne one” and i was like wtf ? what a weird name xD) Their fans are called blackjacks..i kinda like the name ^_~

They released their Debut single “Fire” on May 6, 2009.

ahem so ill begin with the members ^^

CL (Leader)

  • Real Name: Lee Chae-rin
  • Bday: 26. February 1991
  • was born in Seoul
  • Blood type: A

This girl is awesome, she can speak a lot of languages, like french or ENGLISH .. and i know it.. her english is freaking awesome.. i personally like her the most, she is freaking beautiful >___<

Park Bom (Main Vocalist)

  • Real Name: Park Bom
  • Bday: 24. March 1984
  • was born in Seoul
  • Blood type: AB

Park Bom is also very beautiful >.<  She is also talented in languages .. She moved to the Us for some time where she learned english .. soo awesome hehe~As you can see she is also the main vocalist and she also had her solo debut with the song “Don’t cry”

Dara (Vocals)

  • Real Name: Sandara Park
  • Bday: 12. November 1984
  • was born in Busan
  • Blood type: A

Dara is also popular in the phillipines, because she was in a show called “Star Circle Quest”. She’s the older sister of MBLAQ’s Thunder (Park Sang-Hyun) . As the other two members, she is soooooo pretty >.< she looks very natural and i really like her ^^


  • Real Name: Gong Minji
  • Bday: January 18, 1994January 18, 1994
  • Blood type: O

Minzy Can rap, and dance, and she can speak Japanese, english, and chinese ^^ as the other members, shes also pretty >_<

so noow ive introduced the members to u and im gonna show u my fav song of them >_<

Naega jeil jal naga !!! XD

I hope u guys enjoyed my introduction & u will love this band like i do >.<


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