[Summary] Kim Kyu Jong “Turn Me on”

Hey guys, i think its a little late (im sorry bout that) but I really wanna make this post ..xD B2ment FINALLY released Kim kyu jong’s comeback teaser. Here you can watch

What do you think ? ^^ I personally think its sooooo freaking awesome ..*feels like crying* I knew Kyu jong wouldnt disappoint Triple S and ThanKYU .*proud* oh ya and in the end of the teaser he is singing smth . and at first i was like “whut ? whut is he singing ? Is that korean or what?” and then i read a youtube comment and finally realised that he was singing “YESTERDAY“. XD soo by the way, kyu jong has also released his album cover + tracklist ^^

(source: allkpop)

01. No More Yes
02. Yesterday (Sadder Today Than Yesterday)
03. My Love (Feat. Heo Young Saeng – *KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH*)
04. Get Ya’ Luv
05. Get Ya’ Luv (Acoustic Version)

PLUS, B2ment also released some of his comeback concept photos ^^















Rawr .. awesome huh ?


*kyaaaah* – *died*

AAND here’s the shocking snow prince photo XD . what do you think ? I think he’s DAMN sexy in white *_* some ppl dont like it but i do . RAWR XD

By the way.. please be prepared for Tuesday ~ b2ment will release Kyujongie’s full mv for “Yesterday” .. so keep supporting him kekeke~



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