1 Pound no Fukuin

Hello guys, it’s b-chan and i’m here for a drama review again . XD i’m a little addictet at the moment so i finished another drama  ;D It’s a live adaption of a manga(mangaka from inuyasha) and it’s called 1 Pound no Fukuin or One pound gospel (: . It has been aired in 2008 and finished in 9 episodes.. (:

So guys, i gotta warn u, my review will contain spoilers, so click here if you wanna go on reading !

Plot (from DramaWiki):

Hatanaka Kosaku is a talented boxer who turned pro at the age of 19, winning his debut match with a first round KO. He is talented, but he has no guts. His uncontrollable appetite is an even bigger problem. He can’t put himself in the right weight class, he runs out of energy because of hunger, and he gets knocked out while his eyes are set on food at the ringside. However, Kosaku’s life changed when he met Sister Angela, a novice nun in the convent near his boxing gym. She became the source of his power, and Kosaku fights only to win her heart. –NTV

The characters :

Kamenashi Kazuya/Hatanaka Kosaku

Okay this time, our dear Kame plays the role of hatanaka Kosaku. And actually, he plays a completely different character than he did in Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge. There, he was a real Bad-ass guy. But this time, he is playing a boxer, who is really talented, but the problem is, that he’s getting hungry all the time XD he is a very cheerful guy, and when he meets Sister angela, he gets very enthusiastic and he really really wants to work hard for her. The problem is that he sometimes is too enthusiastic and the way he acts is kinda stupid sometimes  XD.. But when he smiles, you die a thousand times because he is just to cute >.< he really works hard and by the way, he is sexy when he is boxing XDD BUT .. I really like the bad-ass Kame better X3

Kuroki Meisa/ Sister Angela

 She’s a very beautiful actress, i like her a lot >.< so yeah, she is the female main  character and she plays a nun who is called sister angela. She is a foundling, who got abandoned so the nuns took care of her. she doesn’t even know her birthday. She is just a normal nun until she meets kosaku. He makes her life go up and down. Actually, I hated her sometimes, because she didn’t realize how hard kosaku worked for her. Okay, he is annoying sometimes, but cute . x3 She doesn’t realize her feelings at first and that was kinda annoying yeah ._. But i think she is very cute, especially when she smiles at him… >.<

Kobayashi Satomi/Mukoda Seiko

She is the chairman of the gym and she takes care of Kosaku, Ueda , Ishizaka, Horiguchi and Kojima  and she also has a son (later on you’re gonna see him) called Katsumi. She is a very funny and agressive character, but she actually cares about her boxers. Her dream is to make Kosaku a champion, like she once watched this one champion when she was a kid. the second person who helps her having the gym is Mitsuishi Ken/Mitaka Hideo and you can recognize, that he has a crush on her XP .

Yamada Ryosuke/Mukoda Katsumi

err .. okay he is not the main actor, but actually i should mention him because he is an important part of the drama. he is the son of the chairman who is still a high school student. he does no boxing, he just comes there to watch them .. What he tells nobody, is that he is getting bullied at school (poor him >_<) and he is kinda helpless because he cant do anything, the first one who notices is Ueda, and he gives him a lil courage, and in the end, he even decided to start boxing . ^_^pooor yamada. >.<

What do i think about it ?

OMG I nearly died .. I mean.. wouldn’t u watch a drama, where a hot japanese guy runs around half naked ? >.< I was like “<asfkjh<öefhawöehgAW” after the first two episodes . i couldn’t stand this hotness XDD but yeah, like in yamato nadeshiko shichi henge, i loved every episode so i couldn’t get enough. that’s why i’m already finished. it was actually too short again T_T I still can’t get over the fact that i’m finished with yamato nadeshiko. how should i stand this ? >.< whaa well one negative thing : There wasn’t any kiss, and that kinda disappointed meh .. But all in all it’s another awesome drama ;D


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