Happy Anniversary !!!!

hey hey guys 😀 it is Kayu-chan ^^ and guess what? Today is our 1st anniversary!!!!!!!!!! So celebrate with us ^^!!!! ‘Cause you’re going to see what exciting things happened at on our blog :D!!!!!!!!


NR. 10!!!!

This post was made by B-chan and it is…. This post had 950 visits >.<!!!! I’m so proud

Atelier Rorona: Alchemist of Arland 

NR. 9

Nr. 9 was made by me (Kayu-chan) and it had 994 visits!!!!!



This post is similar to Nr.9 but it was just more popular 😀 Well. Nr. 8 with 1,005


Nr. 7

It’s one of my favorite posts :DD also done by me! It had 1,218 visits

Who is the better singer in SS501??? 


That was somehow really weird…. I mean… it’s just a congratulation post but it had 1,268 visits… Awesome or?



Ahh~ well, it seems like raw chapters are really popular 😀 with 1,307 visits… Here is…

Vampire Knight chapter 68 raw 


How about that… raw chapters are really popular :O with 1,331 visits…

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu Chapter 80 RAW 


So here are the top 3 ^^…  With 1,926 visits… the most popular drama post on bikachama 😀

Boys Before Flowers/ 꽃보다 남자 


This post was done by me and B-chan… And it’s the most popular manga post 😀 With 2,532 visits…

Moe Kare *____________________________________* 


So here is Nr.1… that was actually really surprising O.O With 2,617 visits!!! B-chan good work 😀 :D!!!

Hey Say JUMP ! 


Well, our home page had 35,557 visits :DDD and all in all 74,929 visits :DDD


kekeke . B-chan here !! and i’ll just say “Happy anniversary” !! i’m so proud.. i’m really getting nostalgic now >.< Exactly one year ago, the fifteen year old me posted the first post ever :

Klick here to see it 😀

i’m very very happy today, and now i’m going to present the

Top 10 most searched search terms 😀

10. fahrenheit with 410 searches

Lol. i’m very happy about this, because we actually post so many different stuffs here, and that Fahrenheit is under the top ten is amazing XD


9. rolling love with 418 searches

I don’t have much to say, Only this

hahaha XD okay let’s continue 😀

8. boys before flowers with 444 searches

Haha kayu Good job XD !! people seem to read your boys before flowers review a lot XD When kayu and me are watching it, we are like :


7. atelier rorona with 535 searches

haha XD so the gamers also like to click our blog, huh ? I’m very happy that many ppl actually read this gam review 😀 😀

6. kim kyu jong with 615 searches


That’s all i have to say XD a picture explains more than 1000 words xD


5. jiro wang with 1,062 searches


Rawr XDD everybody loves Jiro, huh ?XD i feel the same way .. oooh YEEESH XD


4. hey say jump with 1,342 searches


I really don’t mind, but how does that work ? XD We only have a few posts of them .. XD but hey that’s really cool 😀


3.  ss501 with 1422 searches

So . Proud O_O SS501 is the best. band. EVER XD

When i think about them i’m like :

And I believe in them <33333


2. moe kare with 1,849 searches


OMG . i LOVE this manga XD And i guess it’s popular too >.< and i REALLY love the review we made about it <333333


And now.. last but not Least :

1. vampire knight with 2,726 searches

Yaaahaaaaay :DDDDD I guess it’s because Matsuri-sensei’s manga is just soo popular :DDDD and also i guess the ppl stumble across our blog, because we sometimes post, when there’s a new Raw or scanlated chapter :DD here’s a funny pic for u XD:



7 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary !!!!

  1. happy birthday (well, today is a bit late for congratulations, but better late than never…) ;))))
    I´d wish you would write a bit more about manga-shops that you´ve been in….(especially you, kayu-chan…..XD), cause that would be VERY interresting; and I know that a lot of people are looking for good manga-shop reports (f.eg. shops in NY, London or…. Seoul(?)); there may be some reports in forums or some web-pages of the manga-shops, but…. you know, it would be nice ;)))))
    I like the VK HSM-picture though I´m not much into that movie…..
    happy birthday!

    • ahahah. thanks 8D at least one who congratulated us X3 . hmm manga shops ? well there u really have to tell kayu chan XD but yeah, thanks anyway for your comment, i’m glad that at least someone noticed that we were having our anniversary x3
      lol i’m also not into that movie , but it was fun to choose XD
      did u like the other pics ?XD

  2. well today i’ve got nothing to do so why not wtalking your blog xDD
    so here it comes: OMEDETOU GOZAIMASHITA!!!

    @b-chan: see i’ve WRITTEN something TOO!!! so don’t blame me nowfor writing nothing xDDD
    @kayu-chan: GOOD JOB GIRL! you have good reviews x3

    you 2 keep it up! i’m PROUD TO BE your UNNIE! (didn’t have time to celebrate my own 2nd anniversary T^T)

  3. i will be very help to stay with you in this line only if you can permitted i will very help. and i want to hear from you more if you can permitted me to stay with you in this line. thank you all for your co. operation ,. Good day bye

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