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Hey guys !! I got totally Drama addicted, and that’s why i’m gonna show u which dramas i’m watching right now !

But i’m warning u !! this could contain spoilers, if you wanna continue reading, please click on “read more “.. ^^

Yokai Ningen Bem

  • Japanese Drama
  • Current Episodes : 7 subbed, 8 RAW
  • Genre: Supernatural, Adventure


Bem (Kamenashi Kazuya), Bella (Anne) and Bello (Suzuki Fuku) are ugly monsters that are neither human nor animals, but they are peace-loving, righteous heroes who feel compelled to help humans in trouble. Because they are monsters, they are feared and detested by humans, and on top of that, pursued by the police. However, a friendship develops between them and a detective (Kitamura Kazuki) by mere accident. Through their contact with humans, Bem, Bella and Bello’s earnest wish to become human grow increasingly stronger. They battle evil for the sake of mankind, in the belief that they will be able to become humans one day …

What do I think of it at the moment ?

Well, actually, I was really sceptic at first, I didn’t really want to try YNB, because of the Genre, and because I thought Kame looked weird XD . But when I started watching it and went on, I started to change my mind quickly.. It’s getting more interesting, cute, funny and touching in every episode ^^ . Plus you can see how the characters are “growing” .. By the way, I really really like Natsume the police officer, he is sooo nice and so cute just like a kid XD well right now, if the drama won’t change, i would give it 90 of 100%

Gokusen II

  • Japanese Drama
  • Finished : 10 episodes + 1 Special
  • Currently : Episode 7


Half a year has passed and Shirokin Gakuen has closed down. Yamaguchi Kumiko (Nakama Yukie) finds herself a teacher of a few young kids who don’t really benefit much from her style of teaching. Through some twist of fate, she is offered a job as a teacher in Kurogin Gakuen.

She becomes the teacher of a delinquent 3D class which make her previous students look like angels. In order to protect her job, she must again hide her true identity — the fact that she is the 4th generation of the Oedo Family, a prominent yakuza group.

What do I think of it at the moment ?

Soooo I liked it from the beginning, it is cute, funny, touching and so on PLUS kame & Jin are in the Drama (AKAME COUPLE FIGHTIING XD) ^-^ Many people say it’s just a stupid copy of Gokusen I … I haven’t seen the first one but to be honest : I wouldn’t care, because if every season is as cute as this one, I would watch it without complaining ^.^ Ohh yeah and Yankumi sensei is so daaaaamn pretty XDD I would also give Gokusen II 90 of 100% 😀

Buzzer Beat

  • Japanese Drama
  • 11 Episodes – Finished
  • I’m currently at : ep 8


Kamiya Naoki (Yamashita Tomohisa) is a young player from a professional basketball team. But due to his relatively smaller size and his tendency to crack under pressure, he is unable to show his true skills on the court. Meanwhile, Shirakawa Riko is a cheerful, strong-spirited music college graduate aiming to become a professional violinist. One day, Riko finds Naoki’s lost cell phone on a bus, and their meeting begins a friendship that eventually turns into love. However, Naoki was already considering marriage with his current girlfriend. And it doesn’t help matters that Naoki’s coach has fallen in love at first sight with Riko! Tokyograph

What do I think of it at the moment ?

KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH *_* Well i was starting to watch this because Yamashita Tomohisa is the main character and I saw some pics and he looks HAWT XD .. And well yeah the drama doesn’t disappoint me XD i’m almost dying when i watch it . i’m sitting there like a typical teenie and screaming whenever something cute happens (or yamapi is in the bathroom or in the shower, or just shirtless ). Well sometimes some characters are a little annoying but it doesn’t matter since there are always annoying characters in Dramas XD

Well I would give this drama … 90 of 100% (wow surprise surprise XDD)



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