Dream High (드림하이)

hey hey 😀 since B-chan is doing such a great work with J-Dramas ^^, it’s time for a review for a korean drama ^^


The six main characters in Dream High

(Suzy/Go Hye Mi
Kim Soo Hyun/ Song Sam Dong
Taecyeon/  Jin Gook / Hyun Shi Hyuk
Ham Eun Jung/Yoon Baek Hee
Wooyoung/ Jason
 IU/Kim Pil Sook) are trying to get into the Kirin Art High School. It’s a High School where your talents of music are being developed. If you have such a talent then maybe you could become a star in the music industry. All of those six main characters have to deal with their past which is hindering them to achieve their dreams. 


 Actually, I only started to watch it because Kim Hyun Joong is playing a canoo role in this drama ^^.  I actually thought that Dream High would be such a cliche…. It’s a teenage drama so my expectations weren’t really high. But after one episode and another…. I couldn’t stop watching it :O…. I didn’t expect that there would be so much sorrow and drama… I think they did a great job with the characters. It’s such a great combination. Hye Mi who was at first a bitch -.-, changed during that drama and became really likeable. Baek Hee seemed like a lamb who can’t live without Hye Mi, but after Hye Mi’s  betrayal she turned out to be a big-headed, annoying girl.  Pil Sook was at first a shy girl who didn’t dare to speak with strangers, but after her superficial change she became more confident. Jin Gook didn’t really change during this drama, it was his past which turned out to be horrific. Well, Jason  prefers to play a lone hand, but he also changed and found someone he likes >.<. The character Sam Dong amazed me the most. He had this innocent image and he is the person who is doing  everything for the persons he loves. Well, after the most important thing he needs for a musician was taken away, he turned into a jerk. All in all I would really recommend it to everyone ^^. That drama has a great soundtrack (<-  very important :D) and hooooooot guys 

(Click on the picture then it’ll start moving 😀


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