Celebrity of the week ~

Hello guys ~ how are u doing ? ^.^ I really thought about doing this for a long time and now i finally decided : I will start with a new category -> Celebrity of the week . ^^ every week, I will present a person I like a lot to you . And Kayu-chan will probably (if she wants to) do the same ^-^ So have fun with that 😀

The First one I’m going to present is Nakajima Kento ;

Have fun ;D

Nakajima Kento

Profile ♥:

♥ Name in Japanese : 中島健人 (なかじま けんと)
♥ Profession: Actor and singer

♥ Birthday: 1994-Mar-13 (he’s 17 years old. whoa. only a year older than me x3 . I could still have a chance to marry him XD)
♥ Was born in: Tokyo, Japan
♥ Zodiac sign: Pisces
♥ Blood type: A (yay . Like me !! x3)
♥ Talent agency: Johnny’s Entertainment ; Eldest member of Sexy Zone together with Kikuchi Fuma and so on, but also a member of B.I.Shadow together with Nakayama Yuma

At first I saw this guy in Sexy zone and i didn’t really notice him because i was like WTF . sexy zone is the most ridiculous band in the world. XD (I’m sorry to say that but how can they put 11 year old kids into a band called SEXY zone ?) But yeah when I saw him, I thought he was okay, and he actually was very cute ^-^ and I also started liking the other older guy from sexy zone (kikuchi fuma) ^^ and when i started watching Taisetsu na ….. (XD) I was very happy when i saw him there .. 😀 cause i like his acting and I wanna see him in more dramas . ^-^ Hope he’ll continue his job as an actor ;D  well well.. i’ve got some pictures of him for you 😀 Enjoy !!

(BTW: I think he looks like a mini JUN MATSUMOTO XD)


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