Guys 😀 the last chapter of DAISUKI DATTA YO, SENSEI… was released yesterday…. Actually I thought it would be much longer… 


Sakuraba Ito is a normal high school girl. Normal? Definetely not. Ito was going out with her sensei, but they got find out. After that  her sensei had to break up with her. Ito was so heartbroken that she didn’t go to school. When everything seemed so useless and she felt like falling into the depths of the abyss, something surprising happened. Ito met Izumi-kun. After meeting him, she finally began to forget her old love and started going to school. But unfortunatley Izumi had a secret.

OPINION (Spoilers Included)

DAISUKI DATTA YO, SENSEI… could have been longer T_T…. But dammit, that was a nice story :D…  the art work… like always there is nothing to complain about :3… Well, the first chapter was perfect :3… She was heartbroken and met Izumi (*____*). She finally began to forget that sensei (-.- that jerk) and fell in love with Izumi. In the end of the first chapter Ito saw that Izumi wasn’t a normal guy… He is a sensei… And again she fell in love with a teacher. After realizing that they couldn’t be together anymore they broke up with each other. That was kind of sad T_T.. But guys there is a nice ending ^^


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