Celebrity of the Week ~ Yamashita Tomohisa

Here you go !! gonna present my next celebrity of the week and I hope you’ll like it :DD

♥ Name in Japanese : 山下智久 (やました ともひさ)
♥ Profession: Actor and singer

♥ Birthday: 1985-Apr-09 (edit: SHIT, he is 26 already . XD sorry, i forgot its 2012 XDD)
♥ Was born in: Chiba, Japan
♥ Zodiac sign: Aries
♥ Blood type: A (yay . AGAIN Like me !! x3)
♥ Talent agency: Johnny’s Entertainment/Warner Bros JP : He was once a member of NEWS but not long ago, he left NEWS to concentrate on his solo career (T_T) + he is a member of the sub-unit Shuuji to Akira, formed with Kamenashi Kazuya 😀

Okay when i saw him for the first time i was like : oh okay. a japanese guy who’s handsome. and that was it. I liked him yeah but i didn’t really care .. but then i saw some more stuff of him and i fell in love with this guy *__* then later on, when he said he would leave NEWS i HATED him again to death . seriously !!!! XD but yeah then i decided to watch a drama with him.. it started with Code blue, then Nobuta, Buzzer Beat.. and then i realized : whatever this guy does. i still love em!!! His sexiness is seriously irresistible . i mean . In buzzer beat he takes his shirt off for  3 600 000 times and every time i was like “.<kjhfalkgaklewglaeg” >____> He IS a good actor, i know some people say he has FISH eyes and is expressionless. but that’s NOT true. T_T well.. singing … ehem.. XD i don’t think he is the best singer, but his songs are very catchy, and as long as he doesn’t fall down live on stage anymore, and the playback goes on, everything is okay XD well yeah . ~ By the way ~ he is singing the theme song for his new drama, that I’ll probably watch & review soon . the song is called Ai Texas & should be released soon 😀

Sooo here i have some pics for you again 😀 it’s chronological this time, and it shows you how SEXY yamapi has become O—O (nothing for weak fangirl hearts, i guess XD)


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