Celebrity of the Week : Akanishi Jin ^.^

Heeeello guys ^-^ It’s time to present my next celebrity of the week. nyahahaha here we gooo 😀

♥ Name in Japanese : 赤西仁
♥ Profession: Actor, singer, songwriter

♥ Birthday: 1984-Jul-04 (Ohh la la- 3 days after my Birthday x33 .
♥ Was born in: Tokyo, Japan
♥ Zodiac sign: Cancer (YESSSS. LIKE ME :D)
♥ Blood type: O
♥ Talent agency: Johnny’s Entertainment, J-One Records, Warner Music groups

So yeah I’ve known Jin for a long time already but i wasnt really a fan of him or smth like that.. so i REALLY got to know him i guess… 3 or 4 months ago, thats when i started watching J-dramas. and well, when i heard about him leaving kat tun because of the us debut, i was like:

XDDD But yeah, what should i do ? shit happens T_T He’s still sexaaay XD and i love him when he’s together with kame or when he’s acting, especially in Yukan club – gosh i laughed so hard because of his cute- and dorkyness – XDD hmm. i also LOVE his shirtless pics >.< When my friend and me both saw his pics we were both saying: … no i better not tell u what we’re talking about all the time so lalalala *changes the subject XD* I still support Jin even though many ppl dont like him anymore.. i think that’s sad. but well i love him . Though in his american MV’s he should take his clothes off (NO . dont get me wrong XD – i mean he shouldnt wear that damn hat and all that gangster stuff anymore )  btw, today his new MV “Sun burns down” has been released . what do u think ? ^^

so here, as always i got a gallery with pics for you. but watch out. dont get a heart attack because some pics are very… yeah you’ll see XD



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