Yabu Kota ~

Guys guys guuuys !!! Its timeee ! Guess for what ? 😀 The celebrity of the weeeek >.< Enjoy enjooy !!!

Yabu Kota

Name in Japanese : 薮宏太
♥ Profession: Actor& singer

♥ Was born in: Kanagawa, Japan
♥ Zodiac sign: Aquarius
♥ Blood type: A
♥ Talent agency: Johnny’s Entertainment

Well well first of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY, altough its belated here, but ive said it often enough on twitter etc. XD So yeeah. Yabu Kota is one of those japanese guys i liked from the beginning ^.^ as you can see , he was in mytop 10 of asian guys (the list isnt actual anymore, actually XD), but well yeah he always was my favorite guy of Hey Say Jump! but when i saw him acting, I loved him even more XD he is soooooo cute omg XD if i were that yakuza girl (in ninkyo helper) i would have married him immediately XDD Well yeah our dear yabu is the (unofficial)Leader of HSJ and i guess he is like a big mum for all of them XD so i hope he will go on supporting all of them (; So as always ive picked out a few *cough cough* pics for you and i really really hope youll enjoy them >.<


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