Kikuchi Fuma~

Guys guys guyys its time to present u another of my sweeties xD I hope u will enjoy this post 😀

Profile ♥:

♥ Name in Japanese : 菊池風磨
♥ Profession: Actor and singer

♥ Birthday: 1995-March-07 (YES !! HE’S 16 !! LIKE ME !!! MY FUTURE HUSBAND XD)
♥ Was born in: Tokyo, Japan
♥ Zodiac sign: Pisces
♥ Blood type: A
♥ Talent agency: Johnny’s Entertainment ; Member of Sexy Zone

So hmmm First of all i didn’t really like Sexy zone at all.. you know .. 11 year old kids 2gether with 16 + 17 year old guys.. >.< But as i saw them more often, they totally grew on me (especially Kento & fuma) … Kikuchi fuma is 16 years old, and already that sexy >.< I looove his singing voice (so amazing) and i totally like his sexy expressions when he performs . x3 OMG he would be such an awesome husband *starts fangirling* XDD aaaaah… if he would just play in a new drama i would love him MOOOORE 😀 😀 😀 so so i’ve got piiictures for uuuuuu :DDDD enjoyy !!


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