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Hey Ho guys … it’s been a while since i posted my ongoing mangas,  hasn’t it ?? i was quite busy with watching japanese Dramas so i left my bought mangas at home .. but i decided toi start reading again … and it was a good idea xD .. As always… I warn you .. this following post might contain major Spoilers .. so only click on read more if you don’t care or already read those Mangas .. ^_^ (code Breaker, Psychic detective yakumo, Dengeki Daisy)


Shinrei tantei Yakumo/Psychic detective Yakumo volume 2,3

When I was at the bookstore I hade to decide which manga i should buy.. the first decision was Code Breaker and the second decision was to buy Yakumo .. and it was actually a good decision .. ^^ I really enjoyed Yakumo a lot .. i already enjoyed the first volume and the second and the third volume were even better than the first . ^^ What I really like about this manga that it’s a MYSTERY manga that’s actually a romance Manga as well.. You don’t find many of those mangas . ^^ What else ? urrrr. I could really hug Yakumo .. I mean He’s a damn asshole sometimes, but he actually cares for haruka-chan .. h’s sometimes very kind and i actually has feelings for her.. what i really love about this manga.. is that the romance isn’t the main thing, because that’s the case in most of the mangas and it’s getting quite boring cos it’s all the same, don’t you think ? ^^ Well I really love it, and i would really recommend it to everyone, i would even force my friends to read it XD


Code : Breaker Volume 9,10,11, 12

So yeah What shall I begin with ?? yeah i REALLY love Code Breaker .. Have i already told you that it is the first manga i decided myself to buy ? And it was the best thing i ever did .. ^^ I LOVE LOVE LOVE it !!! XD it’s such an awesome shonen with action-like scenes.. but it’s not only just action .. there are often funny scenes in there and also cute sweet and touching scenes *____* Like in the last volume I read where Sakura took Ogami’s hand ..

(warning . spoiler picture ahead)

aksdjghalkjghalghaghalkdghakg *___* so cuute .. although she doesn’t say “My love” in the german version, she says, “I love that” .. but WHATEVERRR .. seems like Sakura and Ogami would also fit as a couple *___* soo kawaii.. So now.. the only thing is .. OMG . i haaate the way the volume ended.. i mean HOW can yuki and toki just do that ?? they are so mean.. they are traitors T_T i really wanna know what happens the next volumne kfhdghalfgjhafklahg >___< But else .. this is one of the greatest shonen-manga i am reading right now :DDD


Dengeki Daisy Chapter 14,15,16 ?

I actually cannot believe that i am SO far behind ?? did i really stop reading this 3 years ago ? i cant believe it but whatever .. i am very far behind but now i decided to pick it up again like all mangas i haven’t read for ages .. and i have to say.. i realy love it and i can’t get enough of it .. Kurosaki is so kind ..though he has a double personality in my opinion .. he sometimes is a real devil and he treats teru like a slave, really but in reality he is such a cute nice kind handsome guy i would hugt him if he was real i’m serious *___* I also want my personal Kurosaki/Daisy .. I mean imagine that .. u r writing texts with a guy that always cares for you and in real life there is this guy who is always around you and is actually mean but in reality he is that text messaging guy and WHAAAAA *__________________* to good to be true, huh ? :3333 But actually .. it was quite obvious that Kurosaki is indeed DAISY … so Teru was really blind for the last 13 chapters .. xDD I really love those cute moments omg i’m dying everytime there is one *_* and don’t you think this would be a great live action drama/film ? XD I wish there was one *_*


Other Mangas i bought/read for which i am too lazy to review:

  • Spiral : Suiri no kizuna 11,12,13
  • Defense Devil (Pretty good !!!)

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