New Stuff !!!

Hello Hello guuys :DDD . What’s up ?? I just wanted to announce two things i am really proud of :DDDD

Okay well:

First thing .. Our Blog has reached about 111 000 visits after a year of bikachama .. :DD yeeeah i am so so happy and proud of this blog and I also wanna thank all the visitors and also my blogging Partners.. You’ve helped me a lot and i just wanna say .. Thank you ;_; ARIGATOUU !! Arigatou Gozaimasu !!!!

Second Thing .. We’ve decided to change Theme & header of our blog again .. so in the next few days .. there will be a big change here so don’t wonder .. :DDD I hope you will like our new design .. We’ve discussed it for a very long time, and for the headers: a very nice and important friend is doing this for us so I really wanna say Thank you Very MUCH !! Kamsahamnida !! Arigatou ! Grazie xDD . I am really looking forward to this >__<

Yours B-chan


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