Vampire Knight Chapter 81 Review

Hello everyone!

Seems like the scanlation group of vampire knight is lately really fast  in scanlating :3… Good for us :D!


First of all, let’s talk about the cover. “He watched them go away. They were all dead… ” Obviously it’s referring to Zero. After Ichiru died,  after Yuuki became a pureblood and after Kaname took her away, Zero has been a mess.

It seems like Zero and Sara made a promise with each other. Since Zero wants to kill Kaname that badly, he is willing to do whatever it takes. Really annoying is that Sara bewitched Takuma. Shiki is so cute :3 and is trying to help Takuma, but it won’t help since Sara is a pureblood. Kaito is having problems with the servant of the other dead pureblood.

Finally, let’s come to the scene when Kaname and Yuuki are finally meeting again. This scene is so heartbreaking T_T. Yuuki is telling Kaname  if he wants to give up on her, he has to kill her or she is going to kill him. After that Yuuki is attacking Kaname. Kaname is dodging her attack and Yuuki is getting injured on her cheek.

 Yuuki is about to do another attack to finish Kaname, but then he suddenly touches her injured cheek and she stops.


Finally Kaname is revealing the reason why he wants to kill all purebloods, it was “her” wish (guys, you remember when Kaname showed Yuuki the memory of the woman in the past). Yuuki is about doing her final move to kill Kaname, but then he disappears. Ruka seized the moment when Yuuki hesitated and they left her alone with a painful illusion.

Meanwhile Zero is taking Sara under his protection, but the other hunters are not willing to protect Sara. They all want Kaname and Sara to have a battle and both of them to die. Zero is not listening to them and suddenly he bites Sara’s neck.

Kaname is reaching the place where Zero and the others are hiding. Ruka is apologizing for leaving Yuuki with a painful illusion.  Kaname kisses his fingers which are full of Yuuki’s blood and is saying that Ruka mustn’t apologize and he has to thank her. Kaname is standing right in the front of the door where Zero and the other are and realizes that Sara gave Zero her blood and the chapter ends.



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