Sugar Soldier RAW chapters

Hello everybody :DDD Have u checked out Mayu Sakai’s newest manga called “Sugar Soldier” ? ^^ What do you think ? 😀 I personally LOVE it :DD well well guys, if you have read the first 3 chapters, this post might be interesting for you cause i found the raw chapters 4-6 .. Maybe you wanna check them out ^_^

Credits:,, Thanks to the uploader who was willing to scan all tese awesome chapters for us :DD


3 thoughts on “Sugar Soldier RAW chapters

    • Oha :O ich wusste nicht dass du einen Blog hast & dass du deutsch kannst xD naja jedenfalls werd ich mir das mal durchlesen und ich werde hoffentlich mitmachen 😀

  1. Ugh ! I hope this works. Otherwise, you get to read this on your Spam Folder ! !

    Anyways, I’m loving it. Tatsukida.pitas has a summary of this manga, about 3 chapters ahead of the English release .

    The plotline looks familiar, like the main guy has a secret and I’m sure there are going to be a lot of heartaches here for the main girl.

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