Switch girl !!!

Hello my friends, how are ya all doing ? ^__^ I hope fine !! well .. We were on a big trip so we could not post much lately, but now it’s time for me to post a drama, isn’t it ? :DDD


  • Title: スイッチガール!!
  • Title (romaji): Switch Girl!!
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Romance
  • Episodes: TBA
  • Broadcast network: Fuji TV Two
  • Broadcast period: 2011-Dec-24 start
  • Air time: Saturday


Based on a manga with the same name created by Aida Natsumi, ‘Switch Girl!!’ revolves around a high school student named Nika (Nishiuchi) who appears to be a stylish and fashionable girl at school, but that’s really a fake persona that she uses when she’s in public. At home, she “switches off” the facade and her returns to her true slovenly nature. Kiriyama Renn plays the good-looking transfer student Arata, who is Nika’s love interest in the story. —Tokyograph

Well ?

To begin with, the dorama has 10 episodes all in all and one episodes is about 30 minutes long. The problem is that, only 8 episodes are subbed so far which is a big problem for me since i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this drama !!!!!!

I started reading the manga as well and the drama is really nearly the same !! this is really great because there are not so many dramas that are like the manga !!! The manga is so sweet and funny and the main actress is so beautiful i mean look at her :

(Main actress – Nishiuchi Mariya)

You can identificate yourself with the main character, the switch girl, because i think that many many girls are the same way. Also i am a switch girl.. at home i am TOTALLY MESSY and i run around like nika in off mode (like now XDDD) and thats why i really think that the main character (in the manga & the drama) is very likeable .. And her love interest is really handsome, take a look :

(main actor – Kiriyama Renn)

Well he is very handsome and he is very cute although some ppl might say he looks weird but i don’t think so 😀 I like him a lot and he also plays his character very well ^__^ he is the only one who accepts nika in her off mode, i also want such a guy *__*

Well well well I would recommend you to watch this drama cause it’s great fun, but you should wait until all episodes are subbed or the dorama dvds are out but its really a great drama and i love it :DD actually my friend started watching it and i wanted to give it a try and then i couldn’t stop anymore !!! XD

i would give the drama 9,5 from 10 points ^____^


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