It’s Manga time !!!!

Hello guuys !! hope you all are doing fine ^___^ Well i think it’s time for me to get you updated on my current manga situation .. what i am reading/what i read .. :PP but I WARN WARN WARN WARN YOU !!! this post has BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG SPOILERS in it .. for 501% !!!!!

Well first of all, i read Arisa by natsumi ando, i think i posted it very often, but just to remind you, here’s the plot of arisa :

For years the rash tomboyish Tsubasa had communicated with her twin through letters. She had formed the idea that the gentle Arisa led a joyful school life. But upon Arisa’s sudden suicide attempt, Tsubasa vows to find the reason behind her twin’s actions by taking her place at school. But will this supposed joyful life be too much for Tsubasa to handle? What does it have to do with the people disappearing from Arisa’s school…


Soo … I always had the theory that Tsubasa’s best friend Takeru is the King, because with anyone else, it would have been TOO obvious for me XDD but it was just my theory u know xDD when i started reading Arisa again i didn’t know that it was updated until chapter 30 already O__O but the chapters were so good, i finished it in an hour or smth like that … but OMG .. REALLY … i think the mangaka wanted to trick us because she wanted us to think, this Person would be waaay too obvious to be the king so we started thinking about someone else and now in the end, after kudou died i thought it was a bit illogical cos everyone thought kudou is the king but then -BAM- there was the person (SPOILER: Arisa’s boyfriend Midori -kun) (<— Mark if you wanna know) who is the king… i was like WHUT cos i expected it that he’s not xD PLUS . i became a real Tsubasa x Manabe Shipper !! well well whatever.. the next ten chapters are out in RAW but not translated and i really really wanna read it so if anyone is fluent in japanese PLEASE MAKE SOME SUMMARIES *cries in a corner* TT_TT

Okay guys at the Arisa manga i made the spoilers invisible but this time i just cannot, so if you don’t wanna read MAJOR spoilers, please scroll down to Kimi ni todoke xDDD

Spoiler Start !!


Okay code Breaker ?? Maybe I should still put the plot summary here again ^^

Sakurakouji Sakura is a girl who appears modest and graceful but in reality is skilled in martial arts. After witnessing a boy burning people with his blue flame, she is startled to see that the same boy is a transfer student, Oogami Rei. Oogami is a Code Breaker, one who “does not exist”. He is a seemingly cold-blooded killer who follows the principle of “an eye for an eye”, to “use evil against evil”. Convinced that killing is not right, Sakurakouji sets out to stop him and penetrate his icy heart. –

Okay okay okay okay … last time you know I freaked out because ine the end of the volume, it seemed to be like Yuki & Toki and all the other Code Breakers turned against Ogami because they had to capture his left arm because Eden told them to.. now they are on the sides of the Code:Names (oh god i hate those guys srsly)… That one guys with the code on the eyebrow or better said instead of half of the eye brow tells yuki everything is his fault, because of him, Makoto is dead.. Makoto?? I think we will get to know more in the next volumes .. well but I kinda hate & love yuki .. He is my favorite character because he is so cute and he actually cares about ogami .. but then he just turns against him and hurts other people because he wants to save this “Makoto” guy .. T_T There is another thing which i found pretty cool… Ouji-dono decided to still protect Ogami, because his brother told her to .. and Yukihina(rawr) and the other dude are now on their side and saved their butts in the last minute . LOL XD what else ?? OOOH right oh my god my favorite scene was this one :

Ogami was kinda nervous because he was told that there is a Code:Name watching them all the time in class, and then sakura came to him, took him out, hugged him and told him:

I’m the one who’s scared. To think that one day… This pounding will stop, and you’ll become cold and stiff.. It just makes me unbearably scared.

Ohh this Moment was just askhkjkh for me because i’m a real Sakura x Ogami Shipper.. already since I started reading the manga >__< well what i think is that Ogami and Sakura are getting closer and closer and closer and maybe, just maybe the mangaka will be nice and make them a couple ? XD Idk .. we will see what comes next .. but well.. why i freaked out this time ?? because the ending of the volume was pissing me off again… yuki manages to cut Ogami’s arm off and everyone thinks he is dead … so what now ?? >___<

Spoiler End !!

Kimi ni todoke :

Sawako Kuronuma, called Sadako by her classmates for her resemblance to the character Sadako (Samara)  from ‘The Ring’ (a popular Japanese horror movie), has always been feared and misunderstood because of her appearance. There are rumors that Sawako can see ghosts and curse people. But when her idol, the popular Kazehaya, begins talking with her, everything changes. She finds herself in a new world, making new friends and talking to different people. Sawako opens up to new people, making it easy for them to hurt her or help her. Which will her new friends do?

Soo guys.. i’m really not surprised why everyone is loving this manga becaus it’s pretty CUTE *_* The drawing style is sweet, the story is amazing, The main characters are really cute .. Kazehaya and sawako awww >.< I don’t really wonder why Miura Haruma got his role to play him because he also has that cutie killer smile. you just cannot get mad at this guy  >__< sawako is a cute girl.. i think many ppl will see her as more likeable because she is not that strong and she is not such a super model like in many other mangas. of course, she is beautiful, but i think more naturally. well, i would really recommend this cute manga too you because i’m also falling in love with it . Please just read it *_*


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