Music Stuff !

Hey hey guys ^^ Hope you’re all doing great right now :DD I think it has been a while since I actually posted something Music-related so i think It’s time to do that again ^___^

U ready guys ?? πŸ˜€ I’m going to present you some stuff now :DD

So i thought i’d present 3 Japanese and 3 Korean songs to you !! ^__^ i’ll start now πŸ˜€

Okay haha at first I’ll start with the Japanese songs xDD well.. This is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and she seems to be very famous already.. When you’ll watch this MV you will think WTF at first .. the video is .. kinda crazy .. xD I would say she is crazier like lady gaga haha xDD but she is soooo cute and this song is REALLY catchy .. ^__^ love it already.. plus .. I LOVE HER SHOES XD pink Dr. Martens .. πŸ˜› Maybe some ppl don’t like it but I love this song and that’s why i Put it here πŸ˜€


Another song By Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, called Candy Candy .. The video isn’t AS crazy as PONPONPON but still crazy (since she’s running around with a toast in the mouth ??) xD I love this song as well cause it is SOOOO catchy ;_; i’m definitely starting to love Kyari since she is so cute, and her songs are really good ^_^


Well this is another Japanese female artist.. Called Milky bunny.. ^^ when you look at the cover .. what do you think will her music be like ? You think she will have a squeaky voice like kyari and her music will be kawaii-like ? oh nope, you’re wrong xDD i thought that as well. xD she looks so cute & pretty so her deep voice is kinda weird in the beginning πŸ˜› the song is kinda a rock song and it’s very powerful πŸ˜‰ I really like it .. and i like her outfit omg she is so beautiful and her high heels omfg xDD Really really like her .. you should check her out.. she is great & she needs more fans ^^


Okay now i’ll start with the Kpop songs πŸ˜€ Well as a full-time Triple s *proud* I’ll have to present you the new song of our adorable Otter Heo Young Saeng .. It’s called “Crying” ^^ I was so busy with school that I didn’t even realize he will release a second album :C shame on me cause this album is a masterpiece again, just as I expected from the best singer of SS501 :)) The song Crying is perfect and i love the MV and everything omg i wish I could see him live on stage *__* I really really love it !!! (and btw check out his teaser photos they are smexy *__*) well i’m so happy that i really wanna order his second mini album *BROKE desu desu xD*


Well I always checked out the new Infinite songs and I liked them actually, but I wasn’t interested in them any further xD But well with the chaser iΒ  think infinite changed something .. I’m really starting to get to know them better and i’m liking them more and more .. i even have a bias there : Sungjong XD The song is great, the MV as well, i’m only laughing at that dude in the car( I think it’s L XDD) cos it just looks so funny xD but well i would recommend you to check out that song and maybe also the album ? ^^


Eeehm okay the last one is VIXX – Superhero ^^ first of all.. the name of this band is a little weird because … In my Language “Vixx” has a …. kinda .. weird meaning but i won’t explain that here I think cos there are enough people who will get what i mean xDD whatever .. I listened to the song and at first it was like okay.. but then i listened to it more and more and more times and i started LOVING it … the song is soooo good :O those rookies are great i wish them good luck in their future activities .. oh and i have two biases already >.< (oh and the maknae is as old as me -_-) well, check out the song, and i hope you’ll like it ^^


5 thoughts on “Music Stuff !

    • hehe x)) you’re welcome and i’m glad u liked them ^____~
      And sure !! I will do another post, since people seem to like it, AND it’s fun to do this 8DD

  1. The Bunny-song has good vocals. Her voice is so deep and mature! *__*
    HeoYoung Saeng’s song rememberred me of Jay Park’s (one of the few Asian artist I know XDXD), becuase of the beat in the beginning and stuff, but his voice is wayyy better! Such high tones! WOW! (The Mercedes-car in the MV is an eye-catcher!XD) Congratulations, your music-taste reached a new peak! *yeah, go, go, seek new horizons!!!* I immediately downloaded it…
    The dance moves in the Infinite-MV are not my cup of tea. It’s too much moving around with the arms. But their song is unlike many others, very unique!( I normally hardly remember new songs, even if I’ve just listened to them but this one won’t get out of my head any more!)

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