Music Stuff !! [Part II]

Well guys, what’s up ? 🙂 I hope you liked my last music post so I thought i could do that again, and maybe more often ^__~  So I think I should start, right ? 😀

So last time we had the kawaii-style japanese music, this time, let’s go to the darker side of the japanese music -they have cookies XD- I’ll give you some J-rock/Visual Kei songs and I hope you like them thehehe ..^__^~

This one – I don’t know if it’s newer or older but I found it quite cool, the song is very powerful and also catchy :DD I Think i’m getting more and more into J-rock/Visual kei.. Yaay :DD Well.. the guys… look VERY VERY female XDD but well i still like the music ~ xD maybe i’ll check this band out ? they seem to be interesting and i think they are actually popular ? 😀


Well i said the darker side ? sorry I was actually wrong xDDD This is indeed J-rock but not really a “dark” style like the first Jrock band, Vivi xDD Well SuG is more .. kawaii ? XD But this is just my first impression of them, i definitely won’t just stay with that one song, i’ll check them out as well :DD The only thing i don’t like: THE PIERCING OF THAT DUDE .. oh .. the song is very cool & catchy (I say that waaay too often xDD ) Hope you like it as well 😉

well, right now, this is definitely one of my favorite songs on my iPod and i CAN’T stop listening to it .. The gazette is an awesome band and so is the PV & the song *___* This song is just powerful and just .. BAM idk… i am still speechless.. although i had to laugh as I read the lyrics of the song and i realized that Ruki (the singer) was actually singing in english ? I thought he sang in french xDD


Okaaay let’s turn to the Kpop songs ^__^

I really really love Gina, she is my favorite korean female solo artist i think ^__^ Her new song 2hot.. is so good and yeah it’s … also .. too hot i think ;__; To be honest i don’t like the concept of the video SOOO much (i still like it but idk) ..  I don’t want that Gina turns into a second Hyuna.. I am not offending hyuna now .. what i wanna say is that GINA should stay GINA .. and Cube should stop giving their artists a crappy image 😛 but yeah the song is great and catchy and i really love it :3


Well this isn’t really the newest song, but I still think i just have to show it to you 😀 T-ara always manages to impress me.. They manage to make catchy songs, to be cute, and to be extremely smexay even to a girl like me xDD.. The song is so great and the dance is fun 😀 -i can’t shuffle lolol-Oh and the MV is kinda funny, cause the girls have nothin better to do than to dance around in the disco while people get eaten by Zombies ? XDD well ?? xDD I love it tho ❤


 I think this Song also came out a while ago but whatever ^^ 😀 This is a sub unit of SNSD its TTS – Taeyeon, Tiffany & Seohyun ^^ .. The song is quite catchy but it actually took me a while to like it (cos i was too lazy to listen to it xD) The song is good, and the MV is amazing, those three girls are FLAWLESS especially Tiffany, who is my favorite member of SNSD anyways.. *_* The other two girls are very pretty as well but tiffany is just perfect xDD


Well well ? I hope you guys liked this Post again, so feel free to comment or whatever :DD ~


6 thoughts on “Music Stuff !! [Part II]

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  2. I’ll try to write a comment again as my last one was too long T___T; the ViViD-video really scared me! thanks, now my today’s evening alone at home can certainly come XDD…no, for real, it IS scary! the SuG-MV was a bit annoying because of the singer, and his voice is not the best (the song is unfortunately neither catchy nor … kawaii????). But I appreciate your music taste, because you picked songs from various genres! *well done, mate!* XDXD
    I’m a fan of the Gazette as well, though I don’t listen to his songs XDXD (strange, huh?) — his vocals are advanced and the fact that he uses vibrato makes him really unique! And, of course, I love the heavy rock parts, that’s what I would define as “the best of j-rock”!!!^^ (Though his MVs are not the best, he is a globally known singer! This fact proves his grand talent!)

  3. (I divided my comment into 2 parts^^:)
    I knew the song by T-ara! *yaaay* it drew my attention some months ago as I heard there’s an Asian MV that lasts for like 20 minutes?? is that right? It’s this song, do I remember properly??? —- The T-ara-girls are so cute! I was like: NO! You retarded zobiEES! Let go of them! Leave them alone! (I REALLY hate zombies!) But I don’t get the point: why do the zombies dance with them in the end???
    I actually can shuffle!^^ I mean, not the Running Man of course, but I can do some basic steps!^^ It wasn’t that hard to learn, took me about two days to get it.
    I IMMEDIATELY DOWNLOADED the “twinkle”-song! it’s such a good one, with strong vocals and a catchy refrain! thank you very much for that treasure! the girls are lovely as well! I get astonished every time I realize how many beauties actually live in Asia! *___*
    your spamer (who won’t stop spamming unless you erase either him or your page XDXD)

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