Games, games… games ?!

Well guys, since I haven’t done this for ages, i will talk about video games today (^_−)−☆ I hope you guys will check it out and I hope u guys will like this ! Anyways, click on read more to go on reading! (^з^)-☆

Ok, I know I know what some people are actually saying about the Final Fantasy Series .. “Bla bla blah, final fantasy has become crappy since FF 12 and FF 13 sucks the most blah blah blah” .. I think that is actually so freaking annoying ? -_- I mean okay, the fighting system & the gameplay are maybe not as good as before.. but I think the story was amazing and so i really hope that some ppl regret they did not finish FF XIII because Final fantasy 13-2 is so freaking awesome *_* I mean they improved the fighting system (which was already good before), and they tried to correct everything what people didn’t like in the last one.. The story is so freaking amazing *cough  cough and I have a crush on the new main character – Noel kreiss – I fangirled around .. * And well PLEASE at least give the game a chance before you judge ..

This actually came out a while ago, and it is a sequel of Atelier Rorona : Alchemist of arland .. I know, this game wasn’t that exciting, BUT it had a bit of a story and it was so cute because of the amazing art :OOO I mean just look at it … So great *__* I couldn’t buy it in the last few months because I am extremely broke *sobs* but I’ll try to get it somehow xDD

Here guys, i found a 10 minutes preview for u, maybe you’ll like it ^^

This is called Atelier Meruru and yes, this is a sequel of Atelier totori i think xD it also looks cute and so on, and it came out here a while ago.. when i saw the cover in the store i was like “OMG ! BISHIE ! I NEED TO GET THIS” XD yeah indeed, I really need to get this because there are really a lot of bishies xDD but first i have to play atelier Totori xDD . well I hope those two games are at least a LITTLE exciting, though i love running around as an alchemist xDD

well once again, i got the first ten minutes

  • Btw on June 5th, there will be the E3 starting, so if you like video games you should stay tuned, cause they are goin to present Kingdom hearts 3D Dream Drop distance and other stuff and i heard a rumour that square enix is gonna announce a new final fantasy series ~

Oh and ^^ there are 3 Video Games for the nintendo wii that i bought, they are called Xenoblade Chronicles, Pandora’s Tower & The last Story .. unfortunately Pandora’s tower won’t be released in America of what I know so far but Xenoblade has been released in america & The last story will be released in america ^^ Anyways, all three games are pretty amazing but the best one out of all three of them is definitely Xenoblade Chronicles ^^ you guys should check it out hehe 🙂


6 thoughts on “Games, games… games ?!

  1. well, well, you said that “the fighting system & the gameplay in FF 13 are maybe not as good as before..”… you mean, the frevious FF-titlles? In my opinion, the gameplay & fighting system have never been better than in FF13 and its sequel!!! And regarding the linearity, FF10 and 10-2 for example were linear as well and no crappy soul complained about that? so, you’re right in that point, it deffinitely IS annoying… 😦 (XDXD you always find someone to fangirl XDXD)
    I heard the rumour that SE is NOT about to announce an new FF-title? so, good news if yours are true 🙂 anyways, there won’t be a new trailer of Versus 13, and some ppl have called it vaporware… 😦 *nooo, anything but that!!!* T___T
    anyway, you really seem to be into the Atelier-series XDXD do you play any othe RPG, like Pandoras Tower or Last Story? (you’ve an Xbox 360, right?)
    your lovely spamer ❤ *ain't I lovely???*

    • well i like it as well, better said i love the fighting system, but the gameplay of FF13 was definitely a no-go .. you run from a to b, then you fight and then you run from b to c XD but still i enjoyed this game and I hate those “FF fans” who kept complaining bout this .. -.- Because i am REALLY obsessed with 13-2 i cannot stand it when someone complains bout it and YES there is always a good looking guy in japanese video games xDD No i heard it they ARE goin to announce a new title and I pray that it’s either FF 13-3 OR Versus 13 but i hope its gonna be 13-3 .. cos .. yeah .. T___T
      I actually play a LOT of games and i should make a collection post some day, you know i’ve got all gaming consoles :PSP, PS2, PS3, PSvita, Xbox360, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS & nintendo 3DS , anything missing ?XDD there are a lot of games which i haven’t presented yet i think and i should to that .. 😛

  2. UUOOOOH! ALL consoles? (You’re like my cousin then!) xD I’m just wondering if you prefer the PS3 to the XBOX 360 (well, it’s always the same debate… xD)? The question came to my mind like 2 years ago when I decided to buy either a PS3 or an XBOX 360, and as I heard that the PS3 is both more powerful and the one with the better graphic engine, I chose the PS3. But thinking properly, I think it all depends on the games (there are MUCH MORE anime-games for the XBOX 360^^)!
    P.S.: PLEASE write an article about the new PSVita, will you? I considered buying that thing too!^^

    • I honestly prefer the xbox360 because i think the internet of sony’s playstation sucks so much ._. And that thing with the graphic engine is nonsense. Both graphics have the same quality, but the xbox’s graphics are a bit lighter ^^ well i need to get more into the vita but i’ll try to do that, yes

      • yeah, I’ve heard that the playstation-network is not that good, but since I never planned to connect any of my consoles to the internet, that wasn’t a factor of choice to me^^…. I noticed that the xbox is a bit lighter, but I read the things with the engine in wikipedia… O.o well, who cares? XDXD

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