Music Stuff !! [Again ? XD]

Hellooo Minna saaaan ;DDD As I promised, I am here for you with my Music post ;DD I hope you guys enjoy it once again and I hope I can give you tips for some good songs :DD So Let’s start, shall we ? 😀

So, as always, I’ll start with Japanese pop ^^ And I will present you a singer which i think isn’t that popular yet but she’s really good so i wanna show her to you guys .. :DDD Her Name is fukui mai, and the song is called Yakusoku no Basho.. *hopefully some gamers will realize which song this is* Fukui mai’s voice is kinda unique and powerful, but still, it’s fitting very well for a soft song like this one :DD She has a big potential and hopefully she will get more and more popular .. ^____^


CHOCOREITO DISU-CO-CO-CO !!! Whaaa . >___< THIS SONG .. can be sooo catchy.. I am serious XDD I love this song sooo much xDD it’s also my favorite Karaoke song because the text isn’t that complicated ^^ xD PLEASE just listen to this song because it’s really really catchy xDD


Well well .. i just love this song somehow .. it is really cute and such a nice and soft song ~ The video itself is very nice.. isn’t it the dream of every woman to be such a pretty bride ? ;___; aaah mega jealousy .. xDD Plus those girls are really really kawaii xDD


Well well Actually i only know this song because of kayu-chan xD while we were on a school trip she showed this to me and and it made me get more and more addicted to it .. I really love the song, the video is somehow great and the singer is so pretty 8DD I don’t even know how old this song is but it’s a really great song and the singer has potential I think ~~


About one year ago, Dalshabet’s first song came out called “supa dupa diva”. I was a big fan of this song and I listened to it a lot 8DD well then dalshabet did a few comebacks and to be honest, I didn’t like their newer songs at all .. But Mr. Bang Bang changed this .. Finally a catchy song again where Dalshabet shows another side of them .. The girls are really beautiful and i feel so damn ugly when i look at them ;____; ~


Big bang ? what should i say .. Big Bang is always fantastic .. (WOW,FANTASTIC BABY~~) and they didn’t disappoint me this time either .. I really love that song ;O Big bang’s style is .. how should i say it ? Unique and that’s why they are different from other Kpop boybands nowadays .. xD (Laughing at Taeyang tho .. xDDD) I am very proud of big bang btw ;_; they went through a lot and they didn’t disband or anything .. ;__; Haters should go to hell !! (sorry xD)


5 thoughts on “Music Stuff !! [Again ? XD]

  1. I recognized the first song IMMEDIATELY!!! I first thought it’s the Japanese version of “Tegami” by Angela Aki, but then it just came to my (sometimes slow) mind that it’s the Japanese version of “New World” by Charice!! OMG, how could I forget that beautiful song?!! shame on me!! (well, I knew it’s some FF-song…). Of course (as you wrote it) some gamers (that would be me) know the song very well!^^
    spamer ❤

  2. I immediately downloaded Dalshabet’s and BigBang’s song –> Your music taste is olympic!
    to relieve you of wondering how old the NS Yoon-G-video (crazy stage name by the way xD) is, youtube says: 20.10.2012^^
    by the way, do you know what the condition for having an own VEVO-page is? I mean, that singer is not very popular (but BEAUTIFUL! *___* she can deff never be a witch!), and she has one, yet other Asian artsist haven’t??? why that? (love the violins in her song^^)
    spamer ❤ da II.

    • thehe then i am glad you like it ;D to be honest, i have NO idea how that vevo thing works, but Hyuna has one too . xD and october 2012 ? eeehm i don’t think so i think you meant 2011 xDD well i actually prefer Fukui Mai’s version of new world, I don’t like Charice’s voice so much ._.

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