Boku wa Ookami

Well, “Boku wa Ookami” was completed and I can finally do a review :D! “Boku wa Ookami” is a typical shoujo manga and has about 17 chapters.


Rina hates perverted guys. That’s why she refuses to date guys (especially Keita). But then Rina gets a new classmate who is completely different from the other guys. He was raised by a wolf and he acts like a wolf. Is this the beginning of a new love?

OPINION (spoilers included)

When I began to read the manga, I thought that the female main character is so annoying . But that’s probably one of the reasons why the story is so attractive. The male main character has a special past. When he was little, he and his father went to a zoo and a wolf kidnapped him. Since then he has an attitude that is more wolf-like. But this kind of attitude attracts Rina and she gets closer to him. Ookami and Rina are spending a lot of time together, which is for Keita really annoying, because he is in love with Rina. So, a triangle is also included :3! Every character is special in his own way that’s why I love this story so much :D!

The first thought about the art that came into my mind was that the manga has a really good art work. The art reminds me a lot of Shiraishi Yuuki.



5 thoughts on “Boku wa Ookami

  1. lovely review (though the moving pictures are a bit annoying..:-P) but what is important to ME when it comes to manga-reviews is how many chapters/tankobons such a series include? do you know? (well, apparently you do :-P)
    anatatachi wa neko (kayu) to usagi (b, like…uh, bi rain, right?) desu! kekô desuka? 😛
    (the one (k-pop?)star on your banner (or whatever-thingie) looks like koda kumi xDXD nice idea, like the change of pictures a looooot!<3)
    your sweet & gorgeous & lovely & superstar: Lord Spammer III. (da third, man!)

    • with translation, you mean this japanese sentence:
      anatatachi wa neko (kayu) to usagi (b) desu! kekô desuka?
      you two are a cat (kayu) and a bunny (b)! is that okay? (that stupid joke came to my mind after reading this — boku wa ôkami desu!)
      yaaaay, Koda Kumi, love her <3!!! she's the best RnB-artist in Japan!
      Lord Spammer da III.

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