My Top 10 Bishie List

Hey hey guys, remember my Top 10 Asian guys post ? I hope everyone liked it and now i am going to present my Top 10 Bishies to you . xDD

Warning: I might FANGIRL A LOT XDD Click at your own risk :’D

Number Ten : Shuusei

Well, shuusei is from Uraboku and  even tho he IS my favorite character of this manga, I think that luka looks hotter (you will see that in this post) I love Shuusei and there aren’t many Shonen ai that i really like but I SHIP THIS DUDE WITH HOTSUMA D: they are meant to be together *__* They are so cute together T_T tho i don’t like Hotsuma that much but shuusei *____* Btw shuusei is a real bishie as well .. xDD

Number Nine: Toki

Toki-kun ? pffft he is such a weirdo o__O xDD But you know, I LOVE THIS GUY XD I already loved him when I saw the Code breaker volume before it got released here . xD He is so dumb, but somehow he is cute and smexy when he fights.. I always laugh at him when he loses his powers .. xDD and i love the fact that each of his eyes have a different colour .. *_* I love his powers.. i wanna be able to do that too xD

Number Eight: Luka Crosszeria

Ohhhhh Luka *______* Luka is a REAL HOTTIE, okay ?XD like seriously.. Everytime he does his sexy stare in the manga, i’m having a big nosebleed inside my head.. >__< I don’t care if he loves yuki, he loves me  but he doesn’t know it yet .. xDDD

Number Seven: Takuma

Well well, another character from Vampire Knight .. It’s Takuma .. He’s so pretty *___* and sometimes he is REALLY hawt O__O I prefer him in the manga because he definitely looks better .. maybe thats because manga looks better in general .. at least there is no fighting about takuma xD both kayu-chan and me love him .. xDD we sometimes fangirled over him ?XD

Number Six: Usui Takumi

Well.. Usui Takumi ? Come on, you have to like him .. i sometimes call him Mr. Perfect cause he is .. well, PERFECT XDD Even people who don’t like maid-sama should like him because he is just too flawless.. >___< I really don’t understand how Misaki can resist that guy.. O_O I would marry him right away ? Oh and i would lock him into my room of course *nyahaha* xDD

Number Five: Rei Ogami

Rei Ogami is the main character of my current favorite Shonen Manga Code:breaker.. In the first volume, I hated him to death, like really .. I just couldn’t stand his existense and he was sooo weird and i don’t know xD .. but then I started realizing that Ogami can be really really smexy *____* whenever i get the new volume of Code Breaker I fall in love with him once more .. and then his sexy stare .. <jkjhkjfksdjfaksd >____< xDD

Number Four: Kurosaki

Kurosaki is such an awesome character xD At first i thought WTF how can this dude be Daisy ?? he is the devil in person .. xDD But then from chapter to chapter he got cuter and cuter and HOTTER and smexier .. i just love him .. I got a weakness for hackers i think ?XD I wish I had a guy like him who would watch over me and text me with those cute Messages .. Oh god i would just die *___*

Number Three: Saitou Yakumo

Well, what should I say ? xD I started reading Yakumo about a year ago and this manga is sooo damn amazing (i need to buy the next volume btw) .. yakumo is soo fucking amazing xDD I mean he’s so sarcastic, I always have to laugh about this .. and i mean just look at him, he is real EYECANDY *__* Gosh, I found the 2007 version of Yakumo and was like wtf ? .. I mean .. are they serious .. The 2009 Yakumo looks WAY WAY WAY WAY BETTER O_O I am so glad that I bought only this verson .. many people say that the 2007 version is better .. but i don’t really care cos the artwork sucks ._.

Number Two: Yuki

Well yeah, this crazy dude is my second favorite bishie and also my favorite character of Code:breaker.. He may be young but he is just sooo omnomnom ;___; I love the way he freaks out when he sees a nyanmaru .. xDD he is the youngest code breaker i think and the most agressive one .. I love his stare when he’s serious . OMG really really xD and I love him when he fights .. he’s really smexy i don’t know why xDD

Number one: Zero Kiryu

Of Course… I could Also Call Zero my ultimate bishie . xD He is so … HOT and flawless and his tatoo is so smexy omg.. Kayu-chan and me are always Fighting because she ships Yuuki with Kaname and I ship Yuuki with Zero . ehehe xDD but well I will never hate my zero honey ;___; he is hotness in person :33 I also love his personality somehow .. he is a broken man .. awww my poor baby T___T Well if yuuki doesn’t choose him i can have him right ? BTW NEVER EVER ship zero with kaname DDDD: XDDD


7 thoughts on “My Top 10 Bishie List

  1. wow, bishies from almost all manga-genres! the main character of “Psychic Detective Yakumo” is absolutely cool (though he’s a detective xD) and (I think) he’s the main reason to buy that manga xD! Matsuri Hinos boys are always in some top-10 list of hottest manga-guys, but I wonder if you hate Kaname when you love Zero that much? (sure, Zero has the better character and the cooler poses & sentences to say, but Hino-sensei seems to put more effort in drawing Kaname-sama than Zero! Have to admit that… But don’t worry: I like Zero more as well^^! Sorry, Kayu-chan :-P)

    My number one (if anyone cares xD) is Sasuke Uchiha (and CLOSEST behind Naruto Uzumaki, depends on my mood XD), though I fall relatively easy in love with anyeone/anything, no matter if it’s a manga-character, a movie or even a boat! XDXD (does anyone care??? XDXD)

    • OMG IKR ?!?! Totally agree ! XD I think I found another soulmate ;__; *sorry to kayu-chan since she likes kaname* i’ve hated Kaname from the beginning XD
      aaaah thanks for your comment n__n

      • Yes I hate Kaname too! I don’t know how many times I’ve screamed at my computer saying, “No! Don’t do that! I HATE YOU KANAME!” told you i was obsessed. I’m actually cosplaying as Yuki at a convention I’m going to tomorrow, and there’s still so much to do! Thank you for answering haha.

  2. Nice, nice list. Yes, Zero is hot, and his tattoo, and his hair, and his eyes, and his gun…OMG! Yup, very sexy…nearly had a nosebleed first time i saw him, lol. Srry, Kaname, but tho ur hot 2, i dnt like u…and totally, completely agree w/ u on Yuuki! *fangirl scream* °>_<°…

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