Black Bird Chapter 52 Opinion

Well, I decided to make a chapter opinion of Black Bird!

The last chapter ended with an attack from Shou, which was aimed for Misao and Kyou went between it and a seperated arm fell on the ground! Chapter 52 starts from this moment. Everyone is crying and nobody can see Kyou, so they think that’s Kyou’s arm. So the situation is really messed up. But Misao is sure that it isn’t Kyou’s arm, because she knows the arm of the one she loves. Then suddenly Kyou appears with his father and you can see that the father has no right arm anymore. Everyone is startled, even Shou. Father goes to Shou and tells him how much he actually loves him, but Shou shows no mercy and pushes him away. The battle between Kyou and Shou starts again.


Well, the next chapter will be the showdown between Kyou and Shou and I’m really looking forward to it! This chapter makes sure that all actions of Shou were made because of Misao. He made himself look like a traitor to win Misao’s heart, but Kyou of course wouldn’t let him do that. One of the moments, which made my heart jump like crazy was, when Kyou said “Misao is mine!’. Shou is somehow really stupid, because he could have done it right from the start. It’s because he isn’t used to fight for something that he doesn’t know how to do it right e_e… Well, the triangle will end in the next chapter T_T…


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