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Hello everyone !! It’s time to show you what i’m currently reading 8DD i got some new mangas and also bought some :DD But warning .. this might contain spoilers.. so be careful XD Let’s start, ok ?

Arisa Chapter 31 (Updated!)

Well I think you guys all know what Arisa is about xPP Lately, the newest chapter came out … and I can say.. Omg I just love this manga more and more..! I just thought that the Person who is the King, is a real asshole xDD But … I have a weakness for evil people .. and I realized .. he is smexy 8DDD Tho I still prefer Manabe-kun as my ultimate bishie of this manga XD Well this chapter was exciting as hell again because Arisa woke up, but she couldn’t remember anything and stuff. And i hated the fact that the chapter ended too early T__T cannot wait for the next chapter to be released !!!

(Took the picture above from

Hana No Kishi (Completed)


From Taciturnity Scans:

Ever since the day Ran Kurono’s older brother, was killed while protecting Sei Ohtori, she has dedicated her skills and life to one day becoming the First Knight of the next head of the Ohtori family, even concealing the fact that she’s a woman forever. For generations the Kurono family has served the Ohtori family as their First Knight, but 11 other lower knights with ill intentions of using the Ohtori family’s authority vie for that title. Not only that, but Sei is being tested to see if she is suitable for having the title of head of the family. Upon entering Saint Locks Academy, the days of both Ran and Sei’s trials begin, all the while being helped by Sei’s untidy and unrefined fiance, Ibara Tennou.

What I think:

Well I am also reading another series by Nishikata Mai called “Venus Capriccio” (whoops i need to continue that one xD) and I liked this series already.. But hana no kishi ? OMG .. this series was REEEALLY great. I like how Nishikata Mai often works with the “Gender Bender” Genre.. and i really love it .. The drawing style is amazing, the plot is REALLY good, the bishie is a real eye candy 8D but .. yeah the ending ? it was good but not satisfying for me :CCC you know how i am .. i think a good ending is really important .. but yeah everybody has a different taste soo .. judge by yourself šŸ˜‰ but all in all i still think this is a must read for aĀ  shoujo and Gender Bender fan !

Mishounen Produce (Volume one)


It’s the start of high school, and Kako decides to “produce” her bookworm of a childhood friend, Kousei, so that he can become a good-looking and popular school idol. She models him after Lawrence, a character in a manga she likes, but as Kousei’s transformation becomes a huge success and he extends his new character beyond what she asks for, what will Kako do? Will she find herself left behind in the wake of his newly found popularity?

What I think :

This is one of my new purchases .. yes i just HAD to buy this manga cos the cover looks so amazingly cute *__* and the bishie .. omg .. *drooling over Kousei* yes.. the cover promised me a good manga.. and it wasn’t disappointing me !! The story is cute, yeah it is indeed a typical shojo story, reminds me a bit of Nobuta wo produce XDD but just a bit, then the art: the ART IS AMAZING !! *applause to Ichinose Sensei* it’s just this kind of art i always LOVED .. *_________* Well i hope i can get some money to buy the next few volumes when they come out.. but yeah the first one was very promising and i hope to see more eye candy.. (i love to say that lately XDD)

Hiiro Ouji (Chapter 3)


In order to capture the vampire lurking in the school, Mana the exorcist transfers in, but Okamoto-kun, the vampire in question, says vampires have evolved and no longer preys on humans but lives on blood transfusions! What is Mana to do with this not so threatening, carefree, easy going vampire?

What I think:

yeah i found this manga because i stalked the scanlation group doing this and I needed something .. but i realized it is sooooo cute xDDD The story is kinda interesting, never had that before.. great to see somethinh else than this vampire cliche stuff xDD the main character is soooo cute (i mean the girl) and the vampire ? he is cuter than cute .. xD KAWAIIIIINESS 8D I really like this manga and i am waiting for the next chapter .. šŸ˜€

Bijin Kakumei (Completed)

If you guys wanna know about the plot, then check this out. I already did a post for this 8D well I was reading the second chapter I think and I thought it’s REALLY nice and i was like ‘ooh i cannot wait for the next chapters’ . but then ? there was it : T H EĀ  E N D .. The end ? WTF ? WHY ? O__O I mean the ‘ending’ was good but .. wayyy to short !! You know i was SO disappointed in this because i thought the manga had a high potential ! T__T It was soo rushed :C

Well well.. I hope u guys enjoyed my Review šŸ˜€ and see ya later in this week with another Music post .. *mwhahah* šŸ˜€


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