It’s Manga Time ! 8D

Hello Minnaaa !! Have some Manga for you that I recently read and I hope u guys will enjoy my post . ;D But warning ! This post might contain spoilers so watch ouut D: trying to hold back as much as possible XD

Stardust Wink: (Chapter 27, Updated!)

(Here the Plot for you once again)
I’m Anna. I’m 14 years old and I’ve just entered the ninth grade. Sou and Hinata, who live in the same apartment complex as me, are my childhood friends and we’re all the same age. I thought that from now on we’d become even closer friends, but then Sou suddenly did that to me…!!

Credits: StarryHeaven, Bakaupdates


You know, i’ve finally caught up with Stardust wink.. you know where I got stuck when I was busy with school ? CHAPTER 10 or 11 XDD but i read all missing chapters in one day and.. you know I didn’t like the manga that much at chapter 10/11 because of the Hinata issue.. but then It got better and better and BETTER … and .. Am I sick? Or crazy ? Cos I don’t cnange my mind very often but you know that Hinata was my favorite of both of them … but there was a point in the story where EVERYTHING changed.. and now i’m on Sou’s side :OO I never do that usually but srsly.. I thought Hinata is suchh an asshole D: But I do love him of course.. XD Both of them are REAL EYE CANDY 8DD well well I would recommend u to read Stardust wink if you haven’t done that yet 😉

Hiyokoi: (Chapter 14)

Hiyori, a small and timid girl, goes to school for the first time in a year since an accident left her hospitalized. Follow her as she struggles with her social skills, tries to make friends and maybe even a little bit more…?
Credits to: Bakaupdates
What I think?
This Manga caught my eyes a while ago but I NEVER knew the name of it .. but finally some days ago I found this manga after reading the last chapter of stardust wink (don’t ask me how I made it XD) and yeah.. The drawing Style is REALLY adorable ❤ It has a touch of Yoko Maki, Nana Haruta and Sakai Mayu and the story itself is pretty cute *___* The guy is 1,90 tall and the girl is 1,40 .. and such a couple looks cute, doesn’t it ? >__< The story reminds me a bit of Koko Ni Iru Yo ! But just a little bit since in koko ni iru yo the girl is very shy as well 😛 Well well.. I can’t get enough of the manga and I hope it stays as great as it is now and you guys out there ! It’s a really good shojo manga so i’d recommend it to you :DD

Aozora Pop (2nd Volume)

Kazuki Orika, a 15-year-old girl, aspires to become a model like her beautiful mother, who passed away. Without the knowledge or consent of her father, Orika enters an amateur model competition, only to reunite with her childhood friend, Miyazaki Kanata, the cameraman, and make new friends with models Yano Mito, Yano Haruto, Kunimi Riko, and many others. But modeling isn’t all fun and games. Will Orika be able to make it big?

Credits to: Enchantment Scans, Bakaupdates

I started reading the manga online, but unfortunately, only the chapters until the middle of the second volume are available.. so i had to buy the volume 8D and i will have to buy the rest of the volumes as well XD *broke* Well what can I say, the drawing style is beautiful, the story is beautiful, the guys are handsome ? 8DD Hopefully the manga won’t disappoint me with the ending  ! The story is also a bit sad and touching so that’s not such a typical shojo manga as it looks like.. btw i cannot decide between the two guys 88DDD


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