Music Time :DD

Hello guuuys :DD You know what I will post right ?? Let’s start with the Music Post I couldn’t wait to do :DD Here we go now !

KAT-TUN – To The Limit

Ehm.. sorry guys you’ll have to click on the Link itself because I couldn’t embed the Video since Johnny’s entertainment deletes ALL youtube videos of their bands so they get uploaded to dailymotion and stuff ;_; So guys ! I simply LOVE Kat-tun *__* Their songs are pretty amazing because they are doing all different kinds of music and it’s just great :33 I love the MV because Kame is so unbearably smexy with his glasses, he almost killed me Q_Q and the others are soooo cute, Junno is getting cuter and cuter XD Well, I love them, their songs, their voices, definitely one of my favorite Johnny’s entertainment Bands ..

I had big problems looking for a rock song and I had to decide between Gackt, Miyavi and the Gazette. Since I don’t like Gackt (only one song)… and Miyavi – well i don’t know any song… I chose the gazette xD Well first of all, ruki and kai are so supercutekawaiiflawlesshandsomeidk ;_; and the song ? well at first I found the song a bit weird but then i listened to it over and over again.. i am not an expert so i don’t know anything about “what real Jrock is” but i don’t care .. I just listen to songs because I like them hahah XD

…. okay okay I KNOW this song isn’t Japanese but well It does count since Akanishi Jin is a Japanese artist xDD.. First I wasn’t really excited about Jin’s solo Debut in america because he hid himself behind shades and stuff … It really seems like he didn’t want people to realize that he’s Japanese ? Jin seems to have some kind of a double personality xD Like the American Jin and the Japanese Jin .. Yeah and i wasn’t really fond of that “american Jin” because also his song lyrics are a bit… very typical and weird ? so I didn’t really plan to check out all of his songs .. But I randomly stumbled upon this song called “Aphrodisiac” and I have to admit, it’s quite catchy ?? It doesn’t even have an MV but I really had to post it because the tune didn’t get outta my head .. 😛 because of this i hade to use a fanmade MV – sorry >__< but because of this MV i realized.. DUDE ! JIN WAS HOT ONCE ! XDD Only once.. now he looks like a…. *can’t explain in words* I truly miss the other Jin and he should get his ass back to care for his wife *and for Jin Junior ? Just Kidding XD*. Ahh I’m talking too much so let’s continue with the music 😀

Well This also came out recently, it’s pretty new and I have to say I really like that song .. It’s quite catchy and the dance is also awesome :DD Even tho it’s not something special it wins with its catchyness *does that word exist? XD* Unfortunately, i’m not interested in f(x) any further >.< Don’t know why !!

GAWSH ! AFTER SCHOOL! This song is soo great .. at first I thought it would be a typical girly song again but then i clicke the MV and WHOA .. The MV is really really amazing and those girls are powerful and smexaaaay *come on, admit it, even i think so and i am a girl XD* I never listened to After school before but this song is truly great !! Might check them out ;D

If I am correct, this is a sub-unit of Afterschool ? Not sure tho XD but at first when i saw it i didn’t know it was Kpop until I heard them singing ?XD they are so cute and girly like Jpop girls and I usually don’t like it that much.. but this is just super sweet and hilarious XDD I would LOVE to have those outfits and dance this ? *too ugly* The girls are beautiful, especially Nana *___* But they are all cute xDD


One thought on “Music Time :DD

  1. I’ve just heard of “electric shcok” before because it was pretty high ranked at the youttube-100-charts I think…
    but great variety of music again^^ well done 😉

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