Asuka Magazine !

Hello guyss !! I’m very happy to do that post because it’s my first time that I’ve purchased a Japanese Manga Magazine called Asuka Magazine :DD Yeah, i have purchased an older issue but I think I still could report you about it, right ? 😀 I hope you will like the following stuff I show you ^__^

So here you can see the Asuka issue 3/11 which i purchased . It is VERY BIG.. extremely different to the Manga Magazines we have here (they suck lol) The magazine contains a lot of Manga chapters + colored pages and i LOVE IT .. evem tho my japanese is still very bad so i don’t understand much haha .. but it’s good for me so i can practice xD  Well beside the Magazine, i also received a booklet with colored illustrations of many of the series in the Asuka Magazine 😀 The colored illustrations are really pretty, here i’m showing u one xD

This is one of my most favorite series … Shinrei Tantei Yakumo or Psychic detective yakumo which i am reviewing very often and soon i will post my manga opinions including yakumo again .. Please be patient ^_^  So I went through the Magazine and there are quite a lot of series in there … Here is a list:

Touhou Youyuuki by Majiko!

Phew okay this manga looks so cute 😛 I like the drawing style a lot and well.. I might put that on my reading list XP The problem is, I would put all of those Mangas on my reading list since they are all interesting but well xDD

Barajou No Kiss by  SHOUOTO Aya

I think this series is quite popular and already finished, it’s the same mangaka as S.L.H (Stray Love Hearts) and Junketsu + Kareshi (Pureblood + Boyfriend) .. since i love the drawing style of those mangas I might pick up all of them, I think they also have a nice storyline, don’t they ?

Ayahatori Shoukanchou by  Kajiyama Mika

This manga looks like it contains a lot of BISHIES and the drawing style looks also very interesting .. Ugh i’m gonna be broke if i pick up so many mangas T___T But they all look good !! *SOBS*

Kyou kara Ma no Tsuku Jiyuugyou!  (Kyou Kara Mao) by MATSUMOTO Temari

Well I think you guys might know that one xD it’s pretty popular, and i’ve also read the first volume of it .. Unfortunately i haven’t had time/money to continue buying it so i put it on my dropped list, don’t wonder why xD but if some series I buy are completed, I will definitely continue it because it was really good 😀

Akaki Tsuki no Meguru Koro by  OTONAKA Sawaki

This one has caught my eyes the most !! .. The drawing style is lovely (also the illustrations in the booklet are wonderful) and of course, the BISHIE is important 888D I really want to read that one, so this is definitely on my reading list ;D

Genji Monogatari by MIYAGI Tooko

Yeah this one also looked awesome, and I liked the drawing style ❤

Samurai Drive by KOSUMI Fujiko

WHOAH ! This one really contains a LOT OF BISHIIIES :DD *on my reading list*

Komi Komitsu ! by  Matsuo Haduki

This looks also great :DD

Trinity Blood  by  KYUJYO Kiyo

also seems to be a very good series, and I always wanted to read this 😀

Para Labo  by Akizuki Kaine

Momogumi Plus Senki  by SAKONDOU Eri

Shinrei Tantei Yakumo/Psychic Detective yakumo  by Oda Suzuka

WHOAH !! YOU GUYS KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS MANGA !!! I kjhkghlkg love yakumo so much .. The storyline, the art, the characters, EVERYTHING is perfect :DD the illustrations in the collection book were flawless and and i want to recommend this series to everyone xD

Conductor by  Nokiya

ooh well this looks like a mystery series so its really interesting for me :DDD

ONE×3   by Yukiriko

I like the drawings but .. dunno what to say bout this lol XDD

Futsumashi na Yome desu ga  by KAZATO Nori

Thahah this seriously reminded of Vampire knight XD.. The people there had a very similar school uniform and the girl and the dude reminded me of Zero & Yuuki XD Even tho the “Zero” guy had glasses.

Ryoute ni Megane (?) by Terai Akane (I’m sorry I’m not really sure about the translation, as I said my Japanese is limited .. if you know the title for sure, please tell me >_<)

So so so if you want more picturess of this magazines, please comment here and i’ll update this post as soon as possible :DD


2 thoughts on “Asuka Magazine !

    • Ohh okay okay I will do all my best to post more pictures so please stay tuned 😀 oh oh I ordered it on ebay .. It was .. actually very expensive, but the shipping was fast so it was okay 😀

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