Music Time

Hello guuys it’s time for music again πŸ˜€ Hope you’ll like the songs i am going to present to you .. πŸ˜‰

Yeah sry guys, I took the MV with the polish subs since Warner Music Japan doesn’t upload the mv on their own channel.. dunno why o__O well whatever .. after Ai Texas, this is a goood song again even tho i liked Ai Texas .. but it’s really great .. the MV is a little weird yeah but mr. yamashita FINALLY cut his hair… you should look at the live performances since they are great πŸ˜€ love this song ❀

yeah i am sorry guys, i had to take the 11 minutes video since nothing else is available on youtube . xD if you don’t wanna see that AWESOME performance just skip to 3:40 or something like that and enjoy the pure kame goodness (i have that from the video description xD) Kamenashi crossdressing lets my poor fangirl heart explode xD (and by the way, he is singing live in this performance *_*)

Okay i only got to know this song because it is featured in the Teaser of Sawajiri Erika’s new Movie Helter Skelter .. (yeah that movie is sick but let’s talk about that song XD) Well .. The song is really catchy and now i finally understand why Hamasaki Ayumi is popular ^__^ well anyways, that’s her only song I know until now.. i am quite sure there is more good stuff about her..


Okay There are a lot of rookies this year .. but the best two are DEFINITELYΒ  B.a.p and NU’EST .. here i show you NU’EST .. and they are so amazing .. i love both of their songs .. and btw .. Ren doesn’t look THAT feminine .. he’s just normal =_= I love him tho he’s not my bias haha .. well enjoy the song and the awesomeness of this MV ..

Here another MV of NU’est .. and i haven’t much to say .. because they are so awesome .. they always work hard for their come backs .. I can understand why they have gotten such a high popularity *____*

So, here is b.a.p’s new song “No Mercy” and do you understand now why they are the best rookies ?? They always do something new somehow.. xD I am very proud to know and live B.a.p cos they never disappoint me :DDD


6 thoughts on “Music Time

  1. Nice music again! There are indeed far too many rookie-bands in the Korean music-business this year (which confuses me the more), and both B.A.P. and NU’EST are the best besides EXO, in my opinion!^^ I bet you like NU’EST’s leader the most of them, ain’t I right? πŸ˜›
    Hamasaki Ayumi is such a cute and kawaii idol!^^
    I noticed that including samurai- and typical Japanese elements in live performances has become very popular in the last few years!^^ love that change for the better!
    (I don’t know if you intend to just present the songs or comment on them as well, cause your comments are as usual a bit too short for me, the spamer, you know, but never mind that…) ;-P

    • exo? naaah better not mention them xDD i won’t comment on that .. well my favorite guy of Nu’est isn’t the leader, keep guessing ..:P
      Love the samurai stuff because its an amazing performance xD and what should i comment more ? i am not a music expert after all i am just doing this for fun xD

  2. samurai indeed ❀
    Well, to lend you a hand, you could comment more on the lyrics, on the intention of the singer, on the vocals, on the MVs, on (maybe) background-stories, on co-productions or similar interesting things about the songs….. I'm sure there's pretty much you could talk about, because not everyone is known to the singers (I'd be the best example *cough*) and I often want to know a (slightly) bit more or have a lot of questions (but save them 'cause no one cares, right? xD)… Well, just wanted to remark that. sorry for bothering you^^. Instead save your free-time, though, and continue reviewing such a huge variety of songs (did I already mention that? I guess I did xD)!
    your lovely-ever-cutest-cat-lover spamer ❀

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