Ongoing & finished Manga stuff

Heya guys :DD As i told you in my asuka post, i am going to talk about the mangas i’m currently reading .. there is even one I finished .. but i warn you .. this will contain big spoilers so read at your own risk !!

Psychic Detective Yakumo (volume 4,5)

Yaaay !! Okay Yakumo has reached a new level !! i really cannot describe it in words how amazing this manga is !! I mean it is mystery with a lot of suspense and there are shojo elements AND a super handsome bishie who is intelligent and just kjkjhlkhkllk . The 4th and 5th volume were really the best until now and i didn’t believe suzuka-seinsei could top the 3rd volume but well she did because Yakumo hugged Haruka and it was just so sweeet ❤ I love the story and you know some people said the older version of yakumo is way better .. excuse me ?!  I won’t believe that XD


Code Breaker (Volume 13)

I think I’m saying that waay too often but I am really glad I chose this as my firsz manga ever I am so proud *sighs* The farer I get the more I love it ! In the last volume I was so extremely shocked because Ogami lost his arm and that means he is going to die .. and then in the 13th volume ? OMG I was sooo glad he survived and he became even more sexy .. (sexy in black hrhrhr~)  And yuuki ? I was worried he’d die as well ! He is such a dumbass for betraying Ogami and sakura just for his stupid makoto guy.. ugh.. so glad Ogami could convince him to go with them .. and the RE:CODES ? I like yukihina hrhrhrh :3 and by the way i HATE HEIKE-SENPAI .. I didn’t like him in the first plce.. but well Ogami is risking his life to get the seven flames from the emperor.. i hope he won’t turn into a cold asshole agan !! well anyways i cannot wait for the next volume >___<

Arisa (Chapter32-34 Updated!)

Aaaah also arisa is getting better and better and now i really wonder how it will end because whoah the last chapters were so intense !! with all that arisa woke up stuff and such –arisa is the bitch i KNEW IT !!! and then that damn Midori x Tsubasa moment which was just a trap .. I hate midori and I knew Midori IS THE KING I really wonder what’s going to happen in the end ?? I really hope for Manabe x Tsubasa PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE *___* Cannot waituntil the next chapters are gonna be released !!

Conductor (Chapter5)

From Hyper Parfait:Kuchiki, a flutist, was plagued by nightmares every night that forced her to seek the help of counselor Matsuzaki. Ishikura, a police inspector, unexpectedly discovered a headless mummified body in an empty apartment and is now on the case. When Kuchiki regains her lost memories, the curtains also opens to a tragedy!

Well ? found another very good mystery manga that will also be released in my country soon and I was wondering .. why is that manga so good ? xD then i looked up on BakaUpdates and apparently the author is KAMINAGA Manabu who is the author of Yakumo .. 😛 I really love the story, its a bit confusing but good ! and i hope there will be at least a bit of a love story :3 anyways .. unfortunately there are only 5 chapters available until now and i hope to see more of this manga soon !
Heart no kuni no alice (Volume 6 Completed!)
Yaay !! So I finally finished a manga that I started buying 8DDDD Well i guess many of you guys know this series its getting quite popular lately .. so what do you think about the ending ? I think it SUUUUCKED so much :CC I mean i lve the manga but seriously ?? blood ?= why the hell did she have to end up with blood ? he is a rude asshole and i’ve hated him from the beginning ? he didn’t deserve Alice at all .. I think the guys who truly deserved alive were Julius or Boris :333 but NO the ending had to suck T___T

3 thoughts on “Ongoing & finished Manga stuff

  1. If you like Alice in the Country of Hearts, you should totally check out Alice in the Country of Clover. There are several volumes of Clover – each focuses on Alice getting with a certain guy. For example, we just got Bloody Twins here in the US. This concentrates on Alice x Tweedledee & Tweedledum romance ~ The next one out here is Dance with the Cheshire Cat which is an Alice x Borus series!!!! Yay 8D

    (Blood can go play with himself :/ I did not like manga Blood. I hear his video game persona is better though)

    • I do know about Alice in the Country of clover, I have the one with the bloody twins but I don’t like the drawing style that much T__T (still need to read it). I think here in my country we’ve got a lot of them so I might check out the one with boris .. 8DD

  2. I haven’t read the others, but I’m reading Arisa….. Midori is indeed evil but………. you have to know his backround story. It’s the saddest story in manga world.

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