Hello There ^_^

I hope you guys are okay? Sorry we’ve not posted a lot lately because of all that stress (you know, graduating and stuff) but i hope i can at least do something for this blog on weekends, and not to forget, our second anniversary is on november 19th so there will be a post for sure..

Well anyways, see ya soon and i wish you a nice day/week :DD


6 thoughts on “Hello There ^_^

  1. 8D yay! I can’t believe it’s your 2nd anniversary coming up here soon!
    (I totally forgot mine back in October xD Too much RL stuff got in the way and I eventually forgot to post anything haha)
    Looking forward to your future posts! Don’t let life get you too crazy :3

    • awww i can’t believe either :O time is passing really fast XD
      Awww what a pity !!! I didn’t know that either but now i know, happy belated anniversary ❤ hehe, unfortunately RL is really crazy right now but today i promised that i'll post stuff ;33

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